hCG Diet Recipes

November 12, 2012

hCG Diet Recipes

The hCG diet is a popular diet plan that involves a combination of the hCG injection or drops, and a calorie- restrictive diet. Both these components together help burn the fat reserves in your body, and thereby promote weight loss.


Men and women following the hCG diet plan take 125 to 200 IU of hCG injections or drops every day. This pregnancy hormone has the ability to stimulate the hypothalamus to induce increased fat metabolism. It also reduces appetite and craving for food. A low-calorie diet of about 500 calories is required for the proper absorption of the hCG hormone, and also for its activation. The activated hCG burns the fat in the body to produce energy. This will also release the vitamins and minerals stores in the fat reserves, and protect from deficiencies.

Components of the Diet

A traditional hCG diet plan lasts for 23 to 400 days. Hence, you require many hCG diet recipes to keep you going. The initial stages of the program are tough as the drop in calorie intake may affect your energy levels and mood. The food list is also highly restrictive. The hCG diet recipes mainly consist of whole grains and proteins. You are not allowed to consume refined sugars and fats. While eating vegetables is encourages, the list of fruits allowed during the diet is limited as well.

This can be difficult initially as the diet is very different from what you might be used to until then. You will require a lot of determination in the initial days, and some tasty hCG diet recipes as well. Once the hCG hormone is activates, your cravings will reduce and the process will become much more easy for you. The diet also involves two reserve days where you can eat whatever you want and stock up your energy levels.

Side Effects

Critics or the opponents of the diet worry that the weight loss is due to low-calorie intake and not due to the hormone. This may lead to loss of muscle mass and other nutritional deficiencies in the individual. Some opponents also believe that the unnecessary administration of the hCG hormone may lead to unwanted side effects. The hCG diet recipes are difficult to create due to the limitation in the amount and type of ingredients required to make them. Hence, it is best to talk to a doctor or a nutritionist before starting the hCG diet plan.


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