hCG Diet Menu

November 12, 2012

hCG Diet Menu

The hCG diet is a combination of reduced calorie intake and hCG, or human gonadotropin, injections or drops. Experts believe that a combination of these two will help burn fat reserves in your body without affecting the muscle mass.


The hCG is a hormone produced during the first trimester of pregnancy. It helps maintain testosterone levels in the womanÂ’s body, and thereby helps prevent miscarriage. Although the hormone does not play any role in fat metabolism, proponents of the hCG diet believe that 125 to 200 IU of hCG per day along with a 500 calorie diet will stimulate the hypothalamus to speed up fat metabolism. Most hCG diet plans claim that you will lose 1 to 2 pounds of weight per day. It is, however, important to follow the diet plan strictly.

The Food

The 500 calorie diet is as important as the hormone supplements when following the hCG diet plan. In fact, the critics of the plan claim that the weight loss is due to the low-calorie intake, and not due the hCG supplements.

The hCG diet menu appears very tough in the beginning, especially since it allows only 500 calories per day for a period of 23 consecutive days. However, once you follow it strictly for 2 to 3 days, the hunger pangs will improve significantly. In fact, most people following the hCG diet menu become very comfortable within a few days.

The hCG diet menu is not only about reduced calorie intake. It is important to include as many nutrients as possible in your two meals. The diet is rich in dietary fiber and proteins. It also contains significant amounts of antioxidants mostly from vegetables. These antioxidants help reduce the harmful effects of oxygen free radicals that develop as a result of various metabolic processes in the body. This detoxification promotes increased absorption and activity of the hCG hormone, which in turn, boosts metabolism and reduces your cravings for foods.


The success of the hormone supplements depends on the hCG diet menu. Hence, it is important to follow the diet strictly as it will make losing weight a lot faster and easier. The diet plan does not allow any solid food for breakfast. The type and quantity of foods for lunch and dinner are also limited. The food craving may be very strong during the first few days. You may also experience disorientation, dizziness and depression. You may drink plenty of fluids during the initial days to control the hunger. The negative effects of the hCG diet menu often subside after the activation of the hCG hormone. You are also allowed a couple of reserve days to load up your energy reserves for the low-calorie intake.

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