Having Panic Attacks? Here’s What to Do

November 12, 2012

Having Panic Attacks? Here

Experiencing too much stress lately? Learn how to take charge and calm yourself by altering the wave activity in your brain thus avoiding panic attacks.

Many of us have had multiple set backs in recent years with out economy the way it is. In the United States, we have lost long standing jobs and homes we have payed on for many years. The unemployment rate is off the charts and even minimum wage jobs are scarce. Large companies are still laying off and those high paying jobs are nowhere in site. If this isn’t a stressor, I don’t know what is. If you’re not experiencing panic attacks, I’d be surprised. Dealing with stress can be a difficult thing.

With the loss of jobs and homes, your probably in debt up to your eyeballs with no relief in site. Oh no, here comes more panic attacks. On top of that, you just lost your car and unfortunately someone just stole your bicycle. Will it ever end? It’s definitely going to take some time to get over all of this. What to do?

There is no doubt, that memories will come back you haunt for years to come whether you want them to or not. And, with these painful memories, panic attacks will keep occurring. This fear and panic unfortunately has been hard wired into us believe it or not for survival reasons. These behaviors come from the primitive parts of our brains known as the reptilian brain (Limbic system and basal ganglia) and essentially sets us up for fight or flight. Interestingly, this primitive part of the brain innervates our prefrontal lobes which is our higher power of reason and creativity. This primitive innervation of the prefrontal area inhibits our power of reasoning and throws us back into a primitive state of which we have little control over throwing us in to panic attacks. We have gone beyond biological evolution where cultural evolution has for the most part has taken over. However, many individuals have difficulty in tapping this source of solace and fall prey to panic attacks. It certainly brings out the worst in us. Here are a few tips to help you get to the more humane side of you and ward off panic attacks.

Getting to the Right Frame of Mind

As soon as you feel a panic coming, pay attention to what you’re thinking. These negative thoughts are driving the fear instinct so throw them away. Think of something pleasant whether in the past or something you want to do in the future that has a positive outlook. Concentrate on this and perhaps jot it down and set up a game plan. All the while, keeping a positive mental attitude. Take a little time for yourself and have a hot cup of tea or your favorite beverage. Ponder over positive thoughts, even day dream if necessary. Bring you neurotransmitters back in balance so that your brain is not over excited causing anxiety. Some individuals find it helpful to meditate. Let your mind go and relax your body. Think of blue skies and beautiful mountain scenes or the sound of rain on a tin roof or the sound of waves in the ocean. Create what are called alpha waves in your brain. This is a physically real state easily achieved by sitting still with your eyes closed or meditating. This helps your brain to produce the neurotransmitter serotonin known to be the feel good transmitter, effectively restoring your brain to a less excited and agitated state. Then, you can say good bye to panic attacks. You might want to consider adding aromatherapy to your meditation. If so, try the essential oils of Lavender. Lavender is know to pick up one’s spirits and create a calming effect.

So, if you find yourself confronted with panic attacks, take charge. Don’t fall prey to your primitive brain. Put those negative thoughts out of your head, remove the fear by replacing them with calming thoughts and reset your brain activity to alpha waves.


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