H Drol

November 12, 2012

H Drol

H Drol is a legal steroid supplement that can help increase muscle size. It is used by bodybuilders and athletes to improve their muscle mass and athletic performances. The steroid is designed to work in six-week cycles.


H Drol is a mild prohormone that is actually a prosteroid to the illegal steroind Turinabol. While the supplements is not intended for long-term use, the prohormone will help you build some muscle mass, and also help maintain the mass that has already been gained. This is usually the first prohormone you should use because it offers good benefits with minimal side effects.

The impact of H Drol will depend on the dose of the supplement. Lower doses will have a mild effect on your muscle mass but have minimal side effects as well. Most experts recommend a dose of 50 mg per day to beginners. You may increase your dose to 75 mg per day after a few days. It is best to increase the dose gradually over a period of few weeks. You may also have to take a supplement to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels while using H Drol. The supplement should be taken each day before taking H Drol.

You may measure the impact of H Drol by measuring the size of your muscles. You should see an improvement in the circumference of your arms, legs and chest each day. You will see greater benefits when you combine the supplement with exercise and strength training.

Side Effects

You should track any changes in your body while taking the H Drol supplements. Side effects such as high blood pressure, liver problems and sore muscles may be seen commonly. Some of you may also experience acne, hair thinning, lethargy and loss of libido. H Drol is considered safer than other prohormone supplements. The supplements cycles are designed for six weeks. Using the steroid for prolonged periods of time can lead to many adverse reactions in your body. You may notice some muscle loss after discontinuing the supplement. However, regular strength training may help maintain the muscle mass for longer periods of time.

You can buy the supplement online, and at some health food stores. However, you should remember that the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate the production of supplements in the United States. Hence, make sure the product you intend to use has been tested for quality and safety by an independent laboratory.


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