Ginseng and Royal Jelly – the Benefits are Fantastic

November 12, 2012

Ginseng and Royal Jelly – the Benefits are Fantastic

Royal jelly, or to give it its full name ginseng royal jelly is a widely used herbal supplement and is also used as an alternative medicine. Today it is used by many people worldwide and its popularity is still rising.

The name royal jelly comes from the fact that the jelly is harvested from bees. The only reason that bees make the jelly is to feed the queen bee, hence the term royal. The nutritional values are highlighted by the fact that queen bees’ lifespan can stretch to 5 years whereas a normal worker bee is lucky to live for a mere 50 days. Ginseng royal jelly just adds ginseng, another well known herbal supplement to the beneficial jelly. The type of ginseng used is normally the red panax variety.

Because royal jelly and ginseng compliment each other so well means that that the benefits are numerous. The supplement helps to keep us healthy by providing nutritional support because of all of the nutrients present. The jelly contains vitamins, enzymes, minerals and fatty acids, it also has essential and non essential amino acids. Add to this the benefits of ginseng, which is known to provide energy whilst allowing one to remain calm and relaxed and it can be seen that the product is an exceptional herbal supplement. It is no accident that the rich and powerful people throughout history have been recorded as taking this supplement. However nowadays ordinary people can share in the benefits of ginseng royal jelly too.

Noted benefits of taking this supplement are said to be better health and the person is less fatigued and tends to be more energetic. It also brings about mental benefits, in that thinking capacity improves as the brain remains more alert.

There are many different varieties of ginseng which can be added to the jelly, panax is very popular but Siberian ginseng is another common variety. However as with every supplement, it is always best to check with your doctor to ensure that the herbal remedy is suitable for your particular needs.


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