Getting IRB Approval For Your Next Research Involving Human Subjects

November 12, 2012

Getting IRB Approval For Your Next Research Involving Human Subjects

IRB approval is needed if scientists or a group wants to conduct human subjects research. However, it’s important that anyone seeking their approval to look over their rules and guidelines.

The American University Institutional Review Board oversees any research being conducted with human participants. The IRB’s goal is to facilitate human subject researches and to make sure that the welfare as well as the rights of those participating are protected during the time they participate in a study.

What’s The Mission Behind The Institutional Review Board

The American University Institutional Review Board endorses the highest standards when it comes to ethical conduct of research. This includes protecting human participants while permitting the faculty, staff and students to do research in an efficient but well-timed manner. The main charge behind the IRB is to simplify their goals by going through, approving, adjusting or condemning research protocols AU researchers submit.

All the IRB processes are based on the regulations and rules for any federally funded research, mainly the requirements of Protection of Human Subject in the Code of Federal Regulations and additional materials like the Belmont Report. The IRB strives to generate on campus a philosophy of respect for the welfare and rights of human rights participants while, at the same time, progressing information and expediting maximum quality research.

IRB Approval: What Do You Need

Every single Human Subjects Research needs to have IRB approval before being conducted. Thus, if the research you plan on doing meets the human subjects and research definitions as outlined by the IRB, you must get IRB approval to continue. The IRB has determined that the majority of classroom research, oral history projects and several reviews of pre-existing data do not need IRB approval.

How To Get IRB Approval

You have several important steps to follow if you want to get IRB approval for your research. Be sure you check out the rules before you begin your research project. Have you finished the required human subjects training to get IRB approval?

A Look At Meeting Schedules and Deadlines

Completed protocols are looked over when they’re received. The majority of them will be looked at for absolution or fall under the expedited review. Protocols that need Full Board review will need to be received two weeks before the meeting takes place. Institutional Review Board meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, with the exception being holiday weeks. Finished protocols that come after the deadline will be examined during the next IRB meeting.

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