Get rid of water retention

November 12, 2012

Get rid of water retention

Water retention can not only be uncomfortable but can also cause self-esteem issues and really affect your confidence levels.

If you are trying to get rid of water weight then you are probably aware that there is a lot of, seemingly contradictory, advice around. Generally speaking if you suffer from water retention the advice seems to be pretty simple and fairly basic -

  • Reduce your intake of sodium.

  • Drink more water – if your body senses a water shortage it will hold onto what it has increasing the water retention problem

  • Eat foods which will, supposedly, help you to get rid of water weight. These include – celery, parsley, watermelon, as well as carrots, alfalfa sprouts, artichokes and asparagus.

  • Take diuretic medication

  • Exercise – increasing your metabolic rate through exercise is thought to help get rid of water weight.

  • When you are sitting down never cross your legs and try to keep your legs raised – with your ankles higher than your hips.

Of course where medical conditions are concerned people are all too ready to give advice which may or may not work, and with any of these tips and ideas you have probably discovered nothing more than a temporary relief and have been left still trying to get rid of water weight.

Get medical advice

Anybody with a persistent medical condition which concerns them should, or course, always visit their own medical practitioner to exclude any underlying causes or problems.

Most people who struggle with water retention have what doctors call ‘idiopathic edema’ – which just means the water retention has no known cause. The symptoms will probably include swollen legs, hands, ankles and sometimes tummy. If you want to get rid of water weight it is no real comfort to know that there is no reason for it to be there in the first place! The difficulty with any of the common advice, as you may have already found, is that it often makes the problem worse.

Does anything work?

Taking diuretics in particular often cause problems when patients stop taking them – unfortunately diuretic medication tends to make your body hold on to water because it believes the blood is becoming dehydrated.

Change of diet has been reported as having some success, a healthy, well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is the key to solving many healthy problems and not just a cure to get rid of water weight. Alcohol, excess sugar, fatty or fried foods and red meat are said to increase water retention.

Some people may struggle to get rid of water weight no matter what they try, their needs may be more complex and something like the Waterfall Diet may be worth a try.


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