Get Rid of Love Handles Fast

November 12, 2012

Get Rid of Love Handles Fast

Using the words love handles is a nice expression to describe the accumulation of fat which gathers on each side of the waist and it can cause problems for men and women.

Many men and women who want to get rid of love handles fast are not aware or do not have the correct information on losing this fat successfully. Advertisements will state how wonderful their abdominal machine is and may use this to try and get a misinformed customer to buy their machine to lose the love handles. But as with all exercise equipment there will be a paragraph in the booklet saying a healthy diet should be followed as well as the exercise.

Before all the exercise machines were produced bodybuilders worked hard to achieve their look. But it was all down to abdominal training, nutrition and cardiovascular workout.

There are certain exercises that you can do and other steps to take to get rid of love handles fast. These are:

Change your diet, have a healthy eating plan. It may be you just have to stop buying the junk food but for others it may be reducing calorie intake. But whatever is chosen, good nutrition is essential because you want to reduce body fat.

Cardiovascular exercise should be increased if you are doing it at the moment. If not, start taking part in these exercises.

Do exercise on the abdominal area as this strengthens the muscle that is underneath the fat. By working on the abdominal area circulation can increase and this may help to burn fat.

When doing the abdominal training don’t twist your body from side to side as this may cause the waist to widen. And avoid side bending as this can also make the waist thicker. These exercises do nothing to get rid of love handles fast.

Exercises such as knees up and hang leg raise do nothing to target the abdominal area. They work the muscle that runs down the leg.

If you have an extremely small waist you may be able to carry out resistance crunches. But for people who have a block shape abdominal resistance exercises should not be carried out.

Four abdominal exercises that will target the abdominal muscle and so get rid of love handles fast are:

Stand upright and pull your stomach muscles in. Try to keep this position for as long as you can and repeat it three times. This is very effective in working the abdominal muscles.

Lie completely flat on your back and raise your legs. Slowly start to raise your hips about up to about two inches off the floor. Return to the start position and repeat.

Crunches are also effective in working the abdomen muscles. Lie down on the floor and put your knees into the bent position then crunch the elbow to the opposite knee.

As you have changed the diet to a healthy eating plan and you have your exercise regime in place to get rid of love handles fast, you will begin to see the effect on the size of your waist.

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