Gentle Dental Care

November 12, 2012

Gentle Dental Care

People with exceptionally sensitive teeth or gums often fear going to a dentist. However, they require dental care just like everyone else. If you are one of them, consider a dentist who specializes in gentle dental care.

What is Gentle Dental Care?

Gentle dental specialist differs from a regular dentist in that he or she pays more attention to your anxiety during the procedure, and helps you calm down, thereby creating a positive experience for you while treating your dental problems. In fact, many dentists today are aware that patients are scared of coming to their offices due the pain and discomfort associated with various dental procedures. The significantly lower number of patients in dental offices over the past few years has made gentle dentistry more accessible.

How to Find Gentle Dental Care Specialist?

Finding a gentle dental care specialist is not as difficult as you think. You can ask your friends and read web forums to find a dentist in your area, who can handle your anxiety and nervousness. Once you shortlist the names, call the dentistÂ’s office and ask your questions. Seek clarifications for all your concerns and questions before you make the final decision. You can also ask the doctor if they have special medication for your anxiety or dizziness.

Preparing for the Appointment

You should also prepare for your gentle dental care appointment by distressing yourself. You may benefit by listening to soothing music, and distracting yourself. Do not think or discuss about the dental procedure. Try to relax. Regular exercise and healthy diet may also help elevate your mood. Once you have the appointment, avoid reading about the treatment procedures and experiences of other patients as they may make you anxious.

You should also develop some relaxation techniques that you could use while waiting in the office of the gentle dental specialist. Learn to focus on something positive. You may bring a picture of your family or your favorite book to distract yourself. Sitting in the waiting room is sometimes overwhelming and taking a few deep breaths may help restore your sense of peace.

Have a frank talk with your gentle dental specialist. Explain your fears and anxieties to your doctor. The doctor and his or her support staff will work with you and help create a positive environment in the room. This may make you less nervous, and help you go through the procedure successfully. A single positive experience may change you outlook about future procedures as well.

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