Frequent urination in women

November 12, 2012

Frequent urination in women

There are a number of causes for frequent urination in women and it is a fairly common condition. The following is a list of conditions that may cause frequent urination in women, particularly at night.


Pregnancy is well known to cause frequent urination in women throughout the day and night. The urgency and frequency with which a woman feels the need to urinate will increase as the fetus grows, taking up more space and pushing against the bladder. Fortunately after the birth of the child urination goes back to normal as the pressure on the bladder is released.

Diuretic Pills

These are pills that are taken especially to remove excess water from the body. Naturally the water is removed via urination so these pills are another cause of frequent urination in women. If it is causing problems and keeping you awake at night it may be possible to alter the medication dosage or the time at which you take the medicine.


Two of the most common symptoms of diabetes is frequent urination and fatigue. Unfortunately when it occurs at night the former can exasperate the latter. Proper diabetes medicine to reduce blood sugar levels will relieve both symptoms.


Unfortunately frequent urination in women is one of the signs of aging and can’t really be helped. As with all of the muscles in our body, our bladder gets weaker as we get older and it is unable to contain as much urine.


There are a number of different kinds of infection that causes frequent urination in women as a symptom. UTI and yeast infections for example are fairly common and often cause a weakening of the bladder. Treatment may help this condition.


Our lifestyle and the choices we make such as what we put into our body and how regularly we exercise, have a great effect on our general health. This includes the health of our bladder. Excessive alcohol consumption is one such choice we make and if avoided will help maintain the good health of our bladder and will prevent frequent urination in women.

Urinary Incontinence

This is a condition more common in women than in men and is often caused by holding urine in for long period of time. This is bad for you as it weakens the bladder muscles and causes an increase in the production of urea which can damage the kidneys.


As a women estrogen levels fall during the menopause, the bladder weakens and causes frequent urination in women. Higher estrogen levels help to maintain strength and overall health of the bladder and urethra.


Frequent urination in women is a symptom of various STD’s, particularly when they have been present for a long period of time. When the urinary tract becomes infected it gets weaker making it harder for the balder to contain large amounts of urine.

Stress induced incontinence

Severe stress of anxiety is another common cause of frequent urination in women. Stress affects the neurological capabilities of the body, which prevents the body from retaining urine. This condition affects children and adults alike.


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