Foods that Burn Fat are Important when you are Losing Weight

November 12, 2012

Foods that Burn Fat are Important when you are Losing Weight

So, you’re on a diet. Not only do you need to exercise but you also need to eat the proper foods that will help you lose weight. It’s not just about eating less, but also about eating right. Foods that burn fat are generally high in fiber and protein so you need to concentrate on those and make a list. Did you know that protein in your diet takes more energy to digest than fat? In other words, you burn more calories eating protein than fat. Make sure to keep a daily diary of the foods you eat, when you eat them, how much you eat and the exercises that you do. It’s a good idea to weight yourself daily so you can check on your progress. Make sure you write down every little detail in your diary. And, don’t forget to eat foods that burn fat.

Foods that burn fat are many and we’ll take a look at some of the most common ones that are easily accessible at the store. Foods such as eggs, low fat dairy products, beans, oatmeal, and olive oil. Having these staples in the house will keep you on your diet. If you have snacks, they should be high in protein and low in fat as well and consider popcorn, nuts, smoothies, fruit and low fat yogurt.

Eggs are one of the cheapest forms of good quality protein and are great for getting rid of that midriff bulge. Eggs contains high concentrations of iodine, vitamins Bs, E, D, lecithin (a lipid containing choline and inositol), phosphorus and zinc. You probably don’t eat many eggs because they are high in cholesterol. Recent scientific studies indicate that this cholesterol has minimal impact on blood cholesterol. Actually, dietary fat is the real problem that raises your LDL levels. If you’re still concerned about the yolk and cholesterol, just eat the egg white. The egg yolk contains nutrients important for your diet, so you might want to reconsider.

Foods that burn fat must also include low fat diary. Numerous studies have been conducted on low fat dairy products and are reporting that individuals who eat/drink low fat dairy lose seventy percent more fat then people who take in very little dairy of any kind. So, low fat/no fat diary products are not only good for your bones but for fat burning as well.

Beans are another example of foots that burn fat. Consider navy beans, kidney beans, lima beans and white beans. These beans (legumes) are a perfect food in that they contain most all nutrients you need. They are packed with protein, lots of fiber and iron. To avoid putting fat and butter over beans to make them tasty try cooking them in chicken broth with herbs and spices. This keeps the fat content low.

Oatmeal belongs to foods that burn fat and a must to anyone’s diet. Oatmeal is full of soluble fiber which can bind dietary cholesterol and keep it from being absorbed in the gut. Make sure not to buy the prefab types that have brown sugar and butter added. If you need to flavor your oatmeal, try using any kind of fruit that is in season. And, just about any fruit will do. Olive oil should also be on your list of foods that burn fat. Olive oil is a good fat that contains fair amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. Most of us don’t get enough omega 3s because we don’t eat enough oily fishes. Olive oil is a good way to get these good oils and balance out your bad cholesterol levels. Olive oil is good for every tissue and organ in your body especially the heart and brain. Try keeping these foods that burn fat in your kitchen at all times and you’ll be able to maintain your dietary regime with no problem.


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