Follow your Psychologists’ Advice – Ensure that your Workplace Reduces Stress

November 12, 2012

According to many psychologists the new hot potato for companies to deal with is stress in the workplace. Stress in the workplace has been around since work began but now it is better understood and the benefits of reducing it are now tangible. Keep staff happy and they are more productive and have less time off sick.

Follow your Psychologists’ Advice - Ensure that your Workplace Reduces Stress

Furthermore, according to psychologists, if the working environment is positive it can give your life a feeling of enrichment, allow the person to socially interconnect with others in society, leading to strong and lifelong friendships in some cases and leave the employee feeling content, happy and with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

The results of working in a workplace with a bad or negative environment can lead to dissatisfaction with one’s life, stress and depression.

In the greater Toronto area psychologists have identified that work related stress is a major problem. Almost 3 million people work there for more than 100,000 businesses. Although some workplaces are considered negative many people, not just the managers, can do things to improve their situation. The following ideas have been proposed as ways to build up the positive aspects of the working environment. Some ideas take time and effort, however some of the simpler ones can be considered as good manners and are effortless. For example don’t gossip, help others, do not spread rumors or talk about fellow workers behind their backs and be prepared to listen to others and be prepared to support people when required.

If you have some power within the organization then psychologists propose that promoting team building can be very successful. Low cost options can include building teams to work on individual projects encouraging ownership of the problems and feelings of accomplishment when they are overcome. Ask if co-workers wish to take part in a charity event for a good cause, this encourages involvement and community spirit.

Companies are always looking after the budget so get a survey started to identify where most employees want any spare cash to be spent in the workplace. Again this encourages everyone to consider themselves as part of the team.

Encourage mutual respect, many psychologists accept that this is not always easy to carry out. It’s the sort of thing we do with our children yet when we get to adulthood in the working environment then perhaps we become a bit thoughtless and inconsiderate. Try to be a role model, be aware of how you are being perceived.

Psychologists are aware that stress at work affects individuals negatively. Both mental and physical problems manifest themselves from this condition and yet eliminating workplace stress is possible. It’s all about making your company or business a better place to work so that work becomes more enjoyable and less stressful. Anything that reduces stress, dissatisfaction or tension and anxiety is a big step forward.




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