Finding Reliable Nioxin Reviews on the Web

November 12, 2012

Finding Reliable Nioxin Reviews on the Web

You can find customer reviews for just about any product available on multiple websites. These websites are usually free to join and easy to post reviews to. They tend to load easily on most web browsers, but do contain advertisements. Because these sites are user friendly, this means that anyone with Internet access can post their comments on a product – whether they’ve actually used the product or not.

Nioxin reviews are a case in point. Nioxin is a system of hair care products aimed at men and women who have thinning hair. These products include treatments that can only be done in salons as well as take-home hair care products that anyone can use. People with thinning hair tend to be embarrassed about it and find it easier to talk online than in person. Nioxin has been around for 20 years, but Nioxin reviews online have only popped up in recent years. Nioxin is not cheap in comparison to hair care products you can find on store shelves. How can you tell if online Nioxin reviews are to be trusted?

Search More Than One Site

There are many online customer review websites on the Internet. Just relying on one site for Nioxin reviews is not a good idea. Since these websites are so easy to join and write to, people who want to cause trouble or employees of Niacin may post reviews. But the odds are that they cannot hit all customer review websites.

You also want to check the products complaints website of whatever country, state or province you reside in. In America or Canada, you would check out the Better Business Bureau. In the UK, you would contact the Offices of Fair Trading or The Offices of Trading Standards. In Australia, this office is called the Department of Fair Trading. If they do not have Nioxin reviews listed on their sites, you can contact them to see if they have recently received complaints.

Find the Middle Ground

When reading all of the Nioxin reviews on these sites, ignore the reviews that go to extremes, such as praising Nioxin to the skies or claims that Nioxin is a scam. Instead, pay more attention to the middle ground. These are often the real reviews from real customers. You can ignore some spelling or grammatical errors, but if the review is littered with them, be careful. If you can’t understand the review, there’s no point in basing any purchasing decision on them.

One surprising place to go for information is the Nioxin Facebook page. Although it is generally pro-Nioxin, you can ask questions and they do allow comments from people who claim that Nioxin did not work for them. Salon owners and stylists also check on the page often and may be able to help answer questions not just about Nioxin, but on tips for living with thinning hair in general.

Be Realistic

People get thinning hair for many different reasons. Nioxin will not work for all of those reasons. It is best to see a doctor to diagnose a reason why you are losing your hair so you can see if any products can help you.


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