Feeling Lethargic is one of the Symptoms of Low Iron

November 12, 2012

Feeling Lethargic is one of the Symptoms of Low Iron

Iron is a mineral which is required for the body to make hemoglobin which is in the red blood cells and takes oxygen from the lungs to the tissues in the body, it affects all of our actions. Blood cells are made mostly by bone marrow which also stores the most iron in our body. Should the iron levels decrease the body starts to take it from the reserves within the bone marrow. If there is only a small amount of iron stored, the function of the red blood cells are affected which results in less hemoglobin transporting oxygen in the body.

Iron is found in meat and is easily absorbed. It is also found in grains and vegetables but takes a longer time for the body to absorb these. To increase the iron absorption vitamin C can be included in the diet.

Supplements of iron should only be taken after consulting with your doctor. Too much iron in the body is as bad as too little.

Symptoms of low iron in women presents itself as lethargy, pale skin, poor concentrating, and feeling cold. Women are more inclined to suffer from symptoms of low iron and studies have shown 10% of pre menopausal women and 6% post menopausal women will be affected by symptoms of low iron. Figures have shown 2% of men develop the symptoms of not having enough iron. Iron levels reduce very quickly if there is internal bleeding which may be caused by ulcers or tumors. When iron levels drop, either due to blood loss or not enough iron in the diet causes the symptoms discussed above.

There are particular groups of people who are more predisposed to suffering from symptoms of low iron. These are women who suffer from heavy menstruation and it is very important that they try to include more iron in their diet or take a supplement. This will help to prevent symptoms of low iron developing. Pregnant women should also include iron in their diet as their iron is being used to help the development of the fetus. Consider taking iron supplement on advice from your doctor or ensure your diet is iron rich, e.g. eat lots of cereals and bread. Men and women who are older in age and may have lost many of their teeth should consider taking iron supplements or other dietary supplements on the advice of their doctor. They should also have more iron rich foods in their diet.

Anemia is an indication of low iron, with symptoms showing as quick breathing, heart beat increasing and fatigue. Another major change which occurs if the iron levels are low is a change in the appearance of finger and toe nails and the tongue. Other symptoms of low iron may include the urge to eat certain foods such as ice cubes or lettuce which contain little or no iron.

Be aware of the symptoms of low iron and the effect it has on the body as this deficiency can be very serious if not treated.

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