Features of 26 Weeks Pregnant

November 12, 2012

Features of 26 Weeks Pregnant

At 26 weeks pregnant the fetus is approximately 14″ in length and weighs round about 1lb 12oz to 2lbs 3oz and the baby will be moving within the womb between the 24th and 28th week. Some women may experience quite a bit of movement at this stage others not so much, but if you have any concerns regarding lack of movement consult with your doctor.

Brain wave activity in the baby is developing to help with hearing and sight. The part of the cortex which is responsible for attention and personality of the baby becomes more alert from 26 weeks pregnant. The optic nerves are beginning to work and the retina is forming. The eyelids of the baby are separating and the first moments of sight are occurring. The baby will be responsive to touch and light at this stage and will respond to loud and sudden noise. The baby can move its head backwards and forwards and the hair on the head is starting to grow. The color of the baby’s hair can be distinguished by having an ultrasound at 26 weeks pregnant.

Air sacs are developing in the lungs of the baby and will begin to secrete a substance known as surfactant which allows the lungs to expand as they should when breathing. This surfactant stops the lung tissue from sticking.

The baby’s finger prints are formed at 26 weeks pregnant and the skin is changing from transparent to opaque and the color of the skin it will have at birth is developing.

Brain tissues and organs are developing very quickly and the activity levels within the brain are increasing and they continue to function at accelerated levels for the first seven to eight years of childhood.

During pregnancy progesterone levels increase and this enables the muscle tissue in the body to relax. Due to these raised hormone levels the digestion process slows down and constipation may be experienced. To reduce this, ensure your diet is high in fiber and eat more fruits, vegetables, oatmeal or wholegrain. Continue with your walking and swimming as activity can help to improve bowel movements without using a suppository.

At this point in the pregnancy you may experience painless contractions at irregular intervals known as Braxton Hicks. These help to prepare the body for labor by toning the uterus.

The hormones are making the ligaments soft in preparation for the birth which means you may suffer more from back pains. Other discomfort you may experience due to the baby growing and your size increasing from 26 weeks pregnant and onwards is pressure being placed on the pelvis, headaches, leg cramps and also restless leg syndrome. To ensure the baby is developing as it should you will have to eat an extra 300 calories on a daily basis.


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