Fatty Liver Symptoms: Can Anything be Done?

November 12, 2012

Fatty Liver Symptoms: Can Anything be Done?

If you are showing fatty liver symptoms, this is a pretty good indication that you have liver damage. You liver has become filled with unhealthy fats and will be somewhat enlarged and yellow in appearance. Triglycerides build up in vacuoles literally over crowding the liver cell with fat bags internally which is an abnormal retention of fats. The liver cell can no longer run normal metabolic functions which wreaks havoc on the rest of the body. Often a pain in your upper right abdominal area is experienced. Fatty liver symptoms can be seen in individuals who are over weight (obese), have diabetes, alcoholics and there are other causes as well.

Fatty liver symptoms reported include: excess fat around the middle, inability to lose weight, fatigue, dull abdominal pain, gas, bloating, cramping, high cholesterol, blood sugar imbalances, hypertension, loss of appetite, constipation, nausea, fever, vomiting and of course jaundice. Normally your liver burns fat for energy and excess fat is produced in bile in the liver which is sent to the gall bladder for storage. The gall bladder releases bile into the intestine to process fats coming from the stomach. A fatty liver ends up storing fat instead of burning it. The liver becomes so overwhelmed with fat it begins malfunctioning and will eventually shut down.

Fatty liver symptoms can come about by eating unhealthy processed foods that are high in modified fats. The liver is unable to break down these fats so ends up storing them simply because it can’t get rid of them. Obesity, malnutrition, high cholesterol, alcoholism, medications and other conditions are known to contribute to fatty liver symptoms.

Fatty liver symptoms can be reversed if the liver is in early stages of cirrhosis. Apparently, conventional medicine offers no specific therapy that actually reverses a fatty liver however they can maintain some level of function. There are natural remedies that involve changes in diet that are touted to reverse this condition. The idea is not to manage the disease but manage health. Bring the liver back to a healthy state. This can be done by strengthening the immune system. Let your body heal itself. The first step in a natural approach to healing a fatty liver is to cleanse/detox the body. This is then followed by an appropriate diet to boost the immune system.

Fatty liver symptoms can be caused by medication, obesity, alcoholism, medications, genetic predispositions, processed foods, malnutrition and taking in unhealthy fats as well as other unknown causes, very little can be done to correct the problem. If a fatty liver becomes severe, you may require a liver transplant. Liver transplants are not given to alcoholics unless they stop drinking for a period of time and have made a commitment to abstinence for the rest of their lives. The best thing to do is to stay away from medications, processed foods, and alcohol to promote healthy liver function throughout life. You can’t live without a liver.

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