Fast Fat Burning Tips

November 12, 2012

Fast Fat Burning Tips

Think there aren’t any natural fat burning techniques? Think again. Follow these fat burning tips to help you meet your fitness goals.

Drink Water

Water should be your chosen tipple and the first drink of your day. Drink a glass before and during meals so you fill up faster and stay full between meals. Snack on fruits and vegetables mostly made of water, such as tomatoes, celery and watermelon. If you get tired of water, switch to tea, coffee or fresh fruit juice instead of high-calorie fizzy or alcoholic drinks.

Eat Smarter

Stick to eating only at meal times and cut out snacking as much as you can. Never eat when bored. Never eat fried foods. Only eat one egg a day. Snack on fresh vegetables or fresh parsley so you get the benefits of fiber. Fiber helps give you a full feeling so you will not feel hungry. Steamed or boiled vegetables are healthier than canned vegetables. Eat about 50% carbohydrate-rich foods like whole-grain pasta; 30% protein and the rest fats.

Stop Eating So Much Meat

Meat is full of fat, cholesterol, salt and calories. If you are serious about fat burning, then become a vegetarian. If that’s not possible, stop eating red meat and do not eat meat as often. Never fry or grill meat, but saut in a non-stick frying pan to cut down on oil and fat intake. Do not eat meat drenched in glazes or gravy.

Quit Smoking

Fat burning becomes an uphill battle if you smoke – even if you are a vegetarian. Smoking dulls the taste buds so you cannot enjoy nutritious foods and can trigger food or drink cravings. Two weeks after the last cigarette, foods you previously thought were bland will suddenly begin having strong, vibrant flavors. Smoking also slows the metabolism.

Rethink Exercise

There’s no law that states you have to only exercise during a specified workout at specific places like a gym. For example, getting up and changing the television channels by hand is a relatively painless way of burning calories. When riding in an elevator, stretch. Punch a pillow or cushion when no one is looking. Dance to your favorite music. Park as far away as you can from shop entrances. Over time, these small bursts of exercise add up to burn calories. You will then have more endurance and energy for more active exercises like yoga classes, swimming or playing tennis.

Look at Yourself Naked

This fat burning tip works better for some people than others. Seeing a big body can inspire them to stop snacking on junk food or exercise more often. Every now and then see how much progress you’ve made by stripping off and posing in front of the mirror. Undressing, posing and redressing in front of a mirror also burns calories.

Skip Fad Diets

Slow and steady wins the fat burning race. The problem with fad or crash diets is that although you will lose weight, you won’t be able to keep it off. In order to keep weight and off and force your body to burn its fat layers, you need to lose weight slowly. One or two pounds a week is more than enough for your body to cope with.

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