Familiar with Paleo Diets? Check Out this List

November 12, 2012

Familiar with Paleo Diets? Check Out this List

Thinking about going on a paleo diet? Find out what paleo diets are about and what foods you’ll need to eat.

Are you familiar with paleo diets? Paleo diets refer to nutritional needs that humans require based on the way we have evolved. This is very different from most of the foods we eat today with processed and genetically engineered foods that we eat. This kind of diet is also known as the caveman or hunter gatherer diet. Nevertheless, it’s all about taking in foods that are biologically correct for our species. Shortly, we’ll get into a paleo diet food list that will give you some idea of the foods we really should be eating. After all, you need to think about it. It has taken billions of years for us to evolve so our metabolic pathways have evolved around this. Mother nature should know best!

Paleolithic Era

Paleolithic times ended some 10,000 years ago when man was eating natural foods such as wild plants and animals. At the end of this era, modern agricultural methods were established, forever changing the foods we eat. The whole concept of paleo diets is given credit to W. L. Voegtlin who was at the time a gastroenterologist. His belief is that the foods we should be taking in should closely resemble the diets of primitive man.

General Paleo Foods you Need to Consider

If your thinking of putting together a paleo diet food list, here are some food stuffs you’ll need to consider. Think about the meats you’ll need to incorporate into your diet. They should be grass fed animals and cooked simply without any added processed fats/oils. Grass fed animals whether wild or herded contain a fair amount of omega-3 fatty acids which we all need more of. The meats should be lean to lower cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels. This inhibits heart attack, stroke and atherosclerosis. Make sure to trim all meats of excess fats and use safe meat handling practices. Don’t forget about eggs, seeds, nut, mushrooms, vegetables and fruits in your paleo diet food list.

Paleo Meats

The paleo diet food list may contain lean beef, chicken and turkey. Venison forms may include rabbit, goat, alligator, bear, bison, emu, goose, duck, fish (wild) and kangaroo. Make sure these meats are cooked properly as they may contain a number of parasites not found with animals that have been raised by man. Scrapies prions are of concern here and if in doubt do not eat that animal source. Paleo Fruits and Vegetables

Next on our paleo diet food list includes fruits and vegetables. Consider organically grown, non-genetically modified sources of apples, pomegranates, grapes, apricots, figs, citrus, pears, bromeliads (pineapples), watermelons and papaya. Papaya are loaded with vitamin C. Any vegetable is good if it is not genetically engineered.

Paleo Nuts and Seeds

Don’t forget nuts and seeds on your paleo diet food list. Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of vitamin Bs, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Consider flax seed/oil, walnuts and pistachios.

Your paleo diet food list should avoid all processed foods, sugar, processed oils, cereal grains (genetically engineered) and dairy products.

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