Exercising while Pregnant is an Absolute Must!

November 12, 2012

Exercising while Pregnant is an Absolute Must!

No doubt your healthcare provider has informed you that it is important to keep exercising while pregnant. This will help you cope with the weight you will gain as well as the shift in gravity you experience due to a change in the distribution of weight. Exercises are important for making labor doable and getting into shape after your pregnancy. We’ll take a look at some quick tips, exercises to avoid and exercises you should do to keep you on your toes.

Quick tips may seem common sense to you but sometimes are overlooked. As your pregnancy goes on, you may not be able to do the things you used to so you need to consider that. Don’t tire yourself out. That’s what this exercise is not about. You want to maintain muscle tone and a good heart rate. The way you test this is to carry on a conversation while working out. You shouldn’t have to breath hard while doing this. If you are and are losing your breath, your work out is too rigorous. Exercising while pregnant can be enjoyable when done properly.

Exercises to avoid again may be common sense but sometimes one forgets. You’ll want to stay away from any contact sports while exercising while pregnant to avoid getting hit. And, of course stay away from dangerouss activities such as cycling, scuba diving or exercising in high altitudes. High altitudes put you and your fetus at risk of altitude sickness (low oxygen levels). Scuba diving puts the fetus at risk of decompression sickness. As your pregnancy progressive, you’ll need a mat and body pillow for various positions you do your exercises in. Don’t get down on a hard floor. Otherwise, exercising while pregnant is an absolute must so long as your are physically capable and your doctor gives his/her consent.

There are certain exercises that are perfect for pregnancy. Exercising while pregnant will help keep your muscles toned, strengthen your joints and help you cope with the extra weight your be carrying around shortly. It’s also important to keep good blood circulation and keep back pain away. There are three exercises that are recommended: stomach, pelvic tilt and pelvic floor.

Stomach Exercises (floor exercise)

  • Get on all fours and keep your back straight

  • Contract your stomach muscles while lifting your back upwards

  • Hold this position for 3 to 5 seconds

  • Return to original position with your stomach muscles relaxed and back straight

  • Rest for 5 seconds (just count to 5 slowly)

  • Repeat, contract stomach muscles and arch your back, then relax

  • Try to do 10 repetitions

Pelvic tilt Exercises (standing exercise)

  • In standing position place your back and shoulders against a wall

  • Contract your stomach muscles such that your back flattens on the wall

  • Hold for 4 seconds (count to 4 slowly)

  • Relax your stomach muscles

  • Rest for 4 seconds

  • Try to do 10 repetitions

Pelvic Floor Exercises (can be done in any position)

  • Tighten your anus muscles

  • Tighten your vaginal muscles like you’re trying not to pee

  • Keep both sets of muscles contracted

  • Relax both sets of muscles at the same time

  • Do this repeated, quickly 20 times

  • Relax

  • Repeat above but do sets of contractions slowly, keep contracted for a count of 10, 10 times

  • Relax

  • Do 3 repetitions of fast and slow contractions every day

Exercising while pregnant will help to decrease backache and back pain. The stomach and pelvic tilt exercises are specifically designed to do so. The pelvic floor exercise will help with incontinence and childbirth.

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