Exercise and Diet to Get Ripped Fast

November 12, 2012

Exercise and Diet to Get Ripped Fast

To get ripped fast you want to build lean muscle that is well defined. There are three things you need to consider to accomplish this. Weight training, nutrition and cardiovascular exercises are needed to get you where you want to go. These 3 requirements have to be personalized for each individual depending on your current activity state, physical shape and whether you have a thin or hefty frame.

There is some homework you need to do to find out the proper regime for you to get ripped fast. This will help to avoid injury and produce maximum results quickly. First you need to know where you are in fitness to start with, what kind of weight training works best for you, what diet you should be on, and what cardiovascular exercises will work specifically for you. To get ripped fast depends on what your body needs and your goals and the program has to be tailored around that. Below are some things to consider before you get started. This will send you on your way to success and get ripped fast. Where is my Body at this Time

You want to get ripped fast, okay. If you really want that Mr. Universe body, you must have well defined muscles that are equally defined all around and of course the proverbial 6 pack. You need to take a look at your body and determine who your are at this point. This will give you direction of where to go from here. It has been suggested that people fall into two categories: you are a guy who is a hulk but has little to no muscle definition and too much fat everywhere or your that little guy with no meat on his bones (skinny). Once you know where you stand, you can determine whether you need to lose fat weight or add muscle with a bulking regime. You need to go one way or the other but both of these goals can be achieved with weight training, diet and cardio.

Weight Training and You

If you have determined you are in the skinny guy category then your weight training should not exceed 45 minutes a day to get ripped fast. Gaining strength should be a slow process that should not exceed five percent every 2 weeks. Concentrate on compound exercises and stay away from exercises that isolate muscle groups. Don’t waste energy. Make sure to do more than one to two forced repetitions. Exercising the major body groups should be split up into a 3 day program per week. If you’re starting out as a bulky person, you need to burn calories to begin with so weight train for 1 to 1 ½ hours and use isolated movements. This will help you get rid of fat. You can isolate body groups over a 5 day period and spend more time on each group. Good idea to do drop and pre-exhaust sets to help burn even more fat calories. Diet and You

For you skinny guys, eat fifteen times your body weight in calories with one gram of protein per lean muscle mass and two times as many carbohydrates as protein. Make sure to eat lots of oatmeal and whole grains and low fat foods that contain good quality omega 3 fatty acids. Your largest meal should be at breakfast and large meals can be done before and after you workout. For you bulk guys, you need to eat 10 times current body weight in calories and take in 1 gram of protein. Your protein to carb ratio should be equal. Take in flax and olive oil, nuts and avocados as good sources of omega 3s. Your carbs should come from vegetables and fruits. Cardiovascular and You

If you’re a skinny guy, cardio exercises should be less than 30 minutes and only if you have taken in an excess of 1000 calories and done no more than 3 times a week and should be done on a full stomach. For bulky guys. Do cardio right after your weight workout and alternate between slow and long cardio forms. You can do cardio anywhere from 7 to 10 times a week and do it on an empty stomach.

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