Eating Healthy with Raw Food

November 12, 2012

Eating Healthy with Raw Food

There is nothing odd about raw food, it is healthy, fresh and delicious.

An Asian salad with or without sesame vinaigrette is a good starter because you will find familiar ingredients in it and there is no blenders or other equipment required to make this.

To make raw cashew milk soak the nuts in the first instance and there is no need to drain the milk. Other nuts such as almonds or whatever you prefer can be used. The only thing to be aware of is the nuts have to be completely raw. It cannot be made with salted, oiled or roasted nuts. This milk can be a drink on its own or add some sweetener, carob or cinnamon into it for extra spice. It can even be used in as an addition to other recipes.

Making a cream raw mushroom soup is easy. Use the cashew milk for the base and add in the mushrooms and spices and blend for a delicious soup.

Most of us by now realise the benefits of drinking a nutrient drink that is full of green leafy vegetables, otherwise known as the green smoothy. Even if you are not doing the raw eating it is good to have a green smoothy every few days either for breakfast or in the afternoon. These drinks are excellent in boosting energy levels.

A raw pad Thai salad is another excellent easy to make meal and extremely tasty. As is lettuce in burrito wraps and why not replace the lettuce with cabbage or nori seaweed?

An Alfredo sauce is creamy and cashew based. It can be used as a topping on a salad or over vegetables or noodles.

Carob nut cookies are an excellent healthy snack in a raw food diet.

Pesto can be easily adapted to fit in with a diet of raw food. Use fresh basil, flax oil or virgin coconut oil and replace the cheese with yeast. Water can be added to make the sauce thinner or add nuts to make the pesto thicker.

Mangos and chillies work well together and add in a small amount of ginger and you have a delicious spicy mango, ginger and chilli cold soup. Some people find this an unusual combination of ingredients but if you feel a bit bored with the raw food you have been eating this will spice it up.

Having raw flaxseed crackers as a snack is very popular on a diet of raw food. Try the flaxseed crackers with raw hummus, guacamole or salsa.

Cabbage can be used mixed with spices and curry to make an easy vegan salad. Sesame seeds and cashew nuts can also be tossed in to make it a meal that is more filling.

On a warm day treat yourself to a watermelon gazpacho soup. The mix of flavours in this soup gives it a very distinctive taste and because it contains watermelon this makes it refreshing as well as providing hydration.

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