Drop Foot – What Would be the Best Treatment for It?

November 12, 2012

Drop Foot - What Would be the Best Treatment for It?

Drop foot refers to a medical condition wherein the person has difficulties using their ankle joints to raise their feet. This makes the toes drag on the floor and thus makes walking difficult altogether. To make up for it, people who have drop foot usually try to use their hip muscles to lift their feet instead or swing their legs outwards to walk.

How to Treat It

A lot of people use a brace to treat this condition and help them get a normal gait. In general, there are various types of braces that can be used to treat drop foot, though. Naturally, the one that the patient uses will depend on their own personal conditions.

The Advantages of Short Leg Braces

One kind of brace that is used to treat various drop foot conditions would be the short leg brace, which has a fixed hinge and doesn’t allow any flexing at the ankle joint. This type of brace is very light and matches the patient’s shoes with ease. It allows completely control of the feet and is especially made for this condition, though people with very flat feet may benefit from it, as well.

Short leg braces basically hold the feet at 90-degree angles to the legs to help stop the feet from rotating altogether. If unwanted rotation occurs, people who have already suffered from a stroke in the past might have even more trouble coping with their condition in the long run.

The Downsides of Short Leg Braces

There are some downsides that come with short leg fixed hinge braces, though. For starters, this kind of brace allows dorsifexion or plantar flexion to happen, so people won’t get as natural a gait out of it as they would from other kinds of braces.

Second of all, since it is a short brace, it won’t work as well on tall people. Because of this, people who are 6 feet tall or above might be sent to different treatment centers to look at the other kinds of braces available for them. Fortunately, there are other kinds of braces to treat drop foot out there. The short leg fixed hinge one is just one example. If you think that you need more information on leg braces, in general, then make sure you take a good look around and look for a company that you can truly rely on for your treatment needs.

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