Drinking Limits for Women

November 12, 2012

Drinking Limits for Women

Many ladies like a drink after a hard day’s work. It helps them to relax and wind down. What many women do not realise is that they are drinking more than the government’s recommended limits. This could mean that they are harming themselves because of their drinking habits.

By not being aware that the recommended limit for women is no more than 2 or 3 units per day some can lead to some women drinkers increasing their risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and mouth and throat cancer. Two or three units roughly equates to a pint of strong lager or a glass of wine. A few other examples of drinks and their units are; a standard glass of spirits at 37.5 ABV (25ml) is one unit and a pint of standard beer, lager or cider is 2.3 units. Wine depends on the glass size, 175ml is two units whereas 250 ml is three units.

Problems with Alcohol

Apart from the already stated problems ofincreased risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and mouth and throat cancer there were 4,764 deaths in England and Wales due to alcoholic liver disease in 2008, 25% of these fatalities were women.

There are reports that exceeding the recommended limit is also linked to depression, dementia and stroke, along with the more generally known risks such as heart disease, liver disease and increased risks of some types of cancer, including cancer of the breast.

Decreasing your alcohol intake could reduce your risk.

Good News!

As soon as you start reducing your drinking to bring it back to lower levels more suited to regular drinking you start to reduce your risks to your future health.

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