Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

November 12, 2012

Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Many women are so excited at carrying out a pregnancy test, while for others it is a worrying time. But the common question is do pregnancy tests work?

Indications of being pregnant can include feeling nauseas, missing a period, tenderness in the breasts and fatigue. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is best to test for pregnancy in the first instance.

A pregnancy test works by testing your blood or urine for hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) which is a hormone that is produced after the fertilized egg is attached to your uterus. This tends to occur approximately six days after the fertilization.

The two types of pregnancy tests which are available are blood and urine tests.

Lots of women who use a kit at home often ask the doctor, do pregnancy tests work? Using a home pregnancy test is more convenient and can be carried out in privacy. This test is usually carried out approximately 7 days after a period has been missed. To achieve accurate results it is important to carefully follow the instructions which come with the products.

Another question women have is how soon do pregnancy tests work? To achieve an accurate result from your pregnancy test it is best to wait for at least 7 days after a period has been missed. And carry out the test at the start of the day when the urine is much more concentrated. Pregnancy tests using urine are approximately 97% accurate, and the blood tests carried out to confirm pregnancy are more accurate.

Other questions women have about these tests are do pregnancy tests work 100% of the time? And how accurate are they? For a home pregnancy test to be as precise as it can, it is important to carefully follow all instructions. It also depends on the time of ovulation in your cycle and how quickly any implantation happens. The timing of taking the test, e.g. how soon you carry it out after thinking you may be pregnant. Lastly it depends on how sensitive the pregnancy test is.

Most home pregnancy tests are inexpensive and they can all be bought without a prescription at the drug store and are normally reliable and accurate. This is in answer to the many women who ask do pregnancy tests work? And what is the cost and where to buy. They are easy and quick to use and the urine is tested either by collecting the urine in a cup and placing a dipstick into it, holding a stick in the urine stream and collecting urine in a cup and using a dropper to place the urine into a container. The results will appear within a couple of minutes and appear as a color, a plus or minus symbol or a line. Should your pregnancy test show as positive, regardless of how faint the color, sign or line contact the doctor.

In exceptional circumstances a false-positive result can appear. You are not pregnant if you get this result. It may be due to blood being false-positive or the presence of protein in the urine. Particular medication may cause these results, e.g. hypnotics, anti-convulsant and tranquilizers.

If the result shows as negative it is more than likely you are not pregnant. But you could be pregnant if the test wasnÂ’t carried out correctly, the test kit was past its expiry date or the test was carried out too quick. Or it may be the urine had been diluted due to drinking lots of fluid prior to carrying out the test. If antihistamine and diuretic medication are being taken this can affect the result. If the result of the test is negative, do another test within 7 days. Should you be pregnant after this test it means the negative test you received earlier is seen as a false-negative. If you have two different results it is best to contact the doctor who will be able to confirm whether pregnancy has occurred.

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