Do home pregnancy test kits work?

November 12, 2012

Do home pregnancy test kits work?

Testing whether or not you are pregnant at home can be a great way to get early and reliable results.

Most women who suspect they may be pregnant want to find a definite result as quickly as possible – more and more of them are choosing to use a home pregnancy test rather than wait to see their medical practitioner.

Home pregnancy test kits are now known to produce extremely reliable results; some brands claim as much as 99.9% accuracy. Home testing kits are now also able to produce a result in the very early stages of pregnancy.

Although home pregnancy test kits are recognised as being extremely reliable anyone women who believes she is pregnant should seek the advice of her medical practitioner in order to receive the best possible health care for her and the unborn baby throughout the term of the pregnancy.

Follow the instructions

As with many things we are able to do for ourselves it is important to read the instructions of a home pregnancy test kit and follow them precisely in order to achieve an accurate result. It is essential, for example that the recommended time for the urine dip is adhered to exactly.

The right kind of urine!

A home pregnancy test, as with those carried out in the doctor’s office, will test for levels of HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin. The most accurate test result will be gleaned from the first urine sample of the day, if that is not possible then avoid drinking too much fluid which will dilute the urine and use a sample that has been in the bladder for several hours.

Time of the test

Many brands of home pregnancy test now claim to be able to detect a pregnancy as early as day one of a missed period, however, it is probably best to wait at least ten days in order to wait for the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin secretion to stabilise – this usually takes place after implantation which means that on the day following a missed period the HCG level may be too low for detection to be possible.

Quality of test kits

When buying a pregnancy test kit it is always wise to choose the best that you can afford and to choose an established brand – a reputable brand of test is likely to provide a more reliable result.

Taking a pregnancy test at home is quick, easy and comfortable and for women who are trying to get pregnant is an easier option than bothering the doctor each time they suspect they may be pregnant.


  • Allow your kit to reach room temperature before use

  • Carefully read the instructions on the kit

  • Collect urine in a clean dry container -rinse with boiled water to ensure no detergent residue remains.

  • Using the dropper provided drop two drops of urine into the test well – make sure the test card is on a flat surface.

  • Wait the recommended time before checking the result

  • Check the revealed result against the manufacturer’s instructions. If the result is too faint or you are not sure repeat the test after forty eight hours.


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