Dietary advice from the Loma Linda hospital

November 12, 2012

Dietary advice from the Loma Linda hospital

Vegetarianism promotes healthy body, mind and spirit.

The Seventh-day Adventist loma linda hospital, based at the university of the same name, advocates a vegetarian lifestyle in order to maintain a health in body, mind and spirit. Followers of the religion believe that this way of eating honors God, prolongs life and reduces the risk of developing major medical problems. The loma linda hospital has carried out a number of major studies into this dietary plan that has been followed by the Seventh-day Adventists for over a century. This diet plan also serves as a cleanser for the system and results in its followers feeling much more energetic.


Loma linda hospital uses the same guidelines as those published by the National Academy of Sciences, the World Health Organisation and the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans in its own dietary recommendations. These include limiting the intake of those foods and substances known to be hazardous to health such as -

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Saturated fat and cholesterol

In addition the loma linda hospital recommends following a vegetarian diet containing no meat, poultry or fish. Egg yolks may be consumed, but no more than three in any week. These recommendations are the result of studies carried out by researchers at the loma linda hospital that revealed greater health benefits from following a plant based diet rather than one that is more meat based.

The diet regime

The guidelines laid down by the loma linda hospital provide specific recommendations for their healthy living plan, these include daily consumption of the following -

  • Between six and eleven servings of whole grain foods
  • Seven to nine servings of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Between two and four servings of protein – this may be from eggs, legumes nuts or seeds.
  • Two to four servings of dairy products
  • Small amounts of oil, fat, salt and sugar.

Alcohol and caffeine are entirely excluded from this dietary plan and it is expected that meat, poultry and fish will also be avoided.


It is believed that following this diet provides a great many benefits. Studies have shown that Seventh Day Adventists – known to be regular followers of this type of diet – have lower incidences of arthritis, diabetes, cardiac disease, hypertension and cancer. It is also reported that individuals following this diet showed an increased life expectancy of over seven years for men and over four years for women. Vegetarians who consume large amounts of nuts, have a medium BMI level and partake in regular activity are also found to have an increase of two and a half years life expectancy when compared to the general population.


The diet developed by the loma linda hospital is basically a healthy eating plan as defined by all major dietary guidelines, however, a vegetarian diet may be deficient in certain essential minerals and vitamins – this means that a supplement may be required for anyone starting this eating plan. Anyone considering making drastic changes to their diet or beginning to take supplements should always seek the advice of their medical practitioner.

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