Diaper Rash Treatment and Prevention

November 12, 2012

Diaper Rash Treatment and Prevention

Diaper rash occurs when a child’s diaper area becomes inflamed due to skin irritation from feces and urine. Fortunately, diaper rash treatment comes in a lot of forms nowadays.

The majority of babies out there will experience diaper rash at one point or another. In fact, diaper rash has been a very common problem for decades now.

What is the Most Common Treatment?

As of this moment, the most common diaper rash treatment out there involves a barrier ointment or cream that has petroleum jelly and zinc oxide in it.

These ingredients act as physical barriers between the irritant and the baby’s skin, as well as moisture absorbents. To treat diaper rash, thicker ointments and creams are usually always the better choice.

Fortunately, a lot of non-prescription diaper rash treatment products with zinc oxide now exist in today’s market. Generally speaking, if a product has a lot of zinc oxide in it, it will be thicker. Diaper rash products with up to 40% zinc oxide concentrations can be used for treatment, while lower concentrations can be used on a daily basis in order to prevent the problem altogether.

Are There Ingredients that Need to be Avoided?

Some products out there will have ingredients that might irritate the baby’s skin even further, like lanolin or certain fragrances. Your pediatrician might recommend topical anti-fungal products to treat yeast infections on the skin, too, but topical steroids should be avoided altogether unless they have been prescribed, as well.

Other Ways to Treat Diaper Rash

  • Change your child’s diaper as often as possible

  • Clean your child’s skin gently – Keep your child’s skin dry

  • Avoid products that might irritate your child’s skin

With an effective diaper rash treatment, the diaper rash should vanish after a few days time. However, if it doesn’t, and if your child ends up getting a fever or experiencing worse symptoms, get medical help right away.

Top Tips on Treating and Preventing Diaper Rash

  • Breastfeed your baby. Believe it or not, breast-fed babies experience fewer rashes compared to formula-fed babies.

  • Prevent your child’s skin from getting exposed to irritating chemicals, like fragrances, detergents, diaper wipes and fabric softeners.

  • Change your child’s diaper often, even at night.

  • Clean your baby’s butt with water and soap after every diaper change and thoroughly dry the area.

  • Avoid using powders like cornstarch and talcum powder on your baby’s butt as these products might cause respiratory problems and promote yeast infections.

  • Avoid using plastic or rubber pants, and tight diapers because they will retain too much moisture.

  • Carefully wash reusable diapers to get rid of all of the germs. Make sure the detergent or soap is all rinsed out, too.

  • Use diaper rash treatment in the form of barrier ointments or cream to prevent your baby’s skin from getting irritated.


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