Description of the Diet Solution

November 12, 2012

Description of the Diet Solution

The diet solution is a nutritional program that has been designed by exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coach, Isabel De Los Rossi. The diet solution is intended to teach people strategies, which allow them to adjust to a long-term routine of healthy eating and good habits, rather than a temporary weight loss. The diet solution has been based around the theory that everyone has a different type of metabolism, which diet should be moulded around.

The first thing that Rossi claims is required is some positive thinking. Set your self some goals and clear idea about what you are hoping to achieve through the diet solution. These aims should focus on health, weight and general lifestyle. Write them down so that they are really clear in your mind and try to visualise the end result. There are three steps to be followed in order to reach your goals and these are; eating the right food for your metabolic type; stick to the ideal calorie range; and consume lots of high quality food.

At the start of the diet solution, participants will be required to answer a few questions in order to determine their metabolic type. Results should reveal you to be in the protein, carb or mixed group. Thorough meal plans are provided for each group, detailing a range of healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Healthy and nutritious alternatives to snacks are recommended such as raw nuts, boiled eggs and fruit and vegetables. Additionally, dieters will be educated in some of the dangerous fats and advised on foods that should be completely removed from the diet including crackers, chips, cereals and margarines as well as processed foods.

The diet solution allows for one glass of alcohol per week if it cannot be completely eliminated. The preferred choice of alcohol is red wine and only two cups of coffee are allowed per day. It is always advisable whilst starting a new diet to keep a food journal of the foods that keep you satisfied and full for the longest. Some more of the recommended food (although it depends on what metabolic type you are) include organic meat and poultry, organic eggs, raw nuts and seeds, vegetables, baked sweet potato, raw dairy products, avocado, flaxseed and raw chocolate. Omega-3 oil supplements are strongly recommended for everyone.

When it comes to exercise part of the diet solution involves combining cardio exercise with strength building work. The package including details and pictures of exercise positions can be downloaded.

The diet solution has many positive factors to it, including:

  • High quality protein is included in most meals in this diet, which is great for reducing hunger and also maintains muscle mass, an important factor whilst dieting

  • This diet promotes foods high in omega-3 essential fatty acids

  • The diet solution includes a range of recipes

  • The meals recommended can easily be adjusted

  • Educated dieters on the importance of healthy eating

The only slight negative points of the diet solution program is:

  • Some nutritional and medical experts don¬ít believe in the theory based around different foods being better suited to different types of metabolism claiming that there is not enough evidence to support it.

  • This diet plan does not cater and can not be adjusted to suit vegetarians.

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