Dangers of hCG Diet

November 12, 2012

Dangers of hCG Diet

hCG stands for the human gonadotropin, a hormone produced during the early stages of pregnancy. Injecting small amounts of the hormone each day can lead to significant weight loss, especially when combined with low-calorie diet.


The hCG hormone helps maintain progesterone levels during the first trimester of the pregnancy, and thereby helps prevent miscarriage. The hCG diet involves injecting 125 to 200 IU of the hormone into your body every day. You are also allowed to eat only 500 calories per day. The meals are divided into two meals which are strictly measured. Proponents of the study believe that this will help burn the fat reserves in your body, and help lose 1 to 2 pounds of weight per day. However, not everyone believes in the miracles of this diet. In fact, many experts try to highlight the hCG diet dangers.

Calories not Diet

One of the hCG diet dangers include the amount of misinformation surrounding it. Most people are not aware of the fact that hCG has no role in mobilizing the fat reserves. Most women actually gain weight during the early stages of pregnancy, when the hormone is being produced. Critics believe that the weight loss comes from the low-calorie diet and not from hCG injections.

Scam Products

It is also important to separate the hype from facts. Scam products such as homeopathic versions of the hormonal supplements are available in the market. These products are not real as it is not possible to create such supplements. These hCG diet dangers may lead to significant side effects, and should not be used unless recommended by your doctor.

Poor Nutrition

The food intake of about 500 calories per day also adds to the hCG diet dangers. Although such drastic reduction in calorie intake can lead to significant weight loss, you should remember that you may not be getting the energy and nutrients required for your everyday activities. You may also be tempted to binge before starting the diet. This may lead to unhealthy consequences. Your body may also be forced to break the muscle mass to produce the required energy. The diet also does not address other underlying causes of weight gain including hormonal disturbances. The hCG diet can make you seriously sick.

Bottom Line

Apart from poor nutrition and lack of physical exercise, weight gain also occurs as a result of some internal problems such as hormonal disturbances. hCG diet dangers lie in the fact that it does not address these internal or external causes. Hence, you should always talk to a doctor before going on such diets.

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