Curing Sexual Problems

November 12, 2012

Curing Sexual Problems

Nowadays there are various methods available in the treatment of sexual problems and they all have good success rates.


Treatment is usually focused on the restoration of sexual pleasure and sexual function and health professionals recognise that sexual problems today don’t stem from too much masturbation in youth or too much sexual activity as adults, which used to be the case.

Sexual problems can stem from anxiety, fear, stress and guilt, but the following treatments have shown to be highly successful:

  • Psychotherapy – A person in psychotherapy may be asked to keep a record of their ideas and sexual fantasies and these are used as part of the therapy which in the main is getting the person to talk about their feelings and desires and any anxieties they have with their partner or in any other aspect of their lives, which may be the root cause of the sexual problem.

  • Counselling – A sex Education counsellor is specifically trained to deal with all types of sexual problems and attempts to steer the patient away from any anxieties of fears they have about sex and to reinforce the idea that sex is a natural and pleasurable part of life.

  • Drug Therapy – Drugs, creams, pills and injections are all available, should the patient’s sexual difficulty stem from a hormonal or physical problem. Viagra for example increases blood flow to the penis and therefore aids erection difficulties and increases stamina.

  • Behavioural Treatment – Becoming familiar with your own body by self-stimulation can help the patient to understand, not only the mechanics of sexual intercourse, but how arousal stimulates the sex organs. A trained Sex Therapist can provide various exercises, that the patient can do at home in a relaxed atmosphere and this has found to be a very successful form of behavioural therapy.

Physical and Mental Health Issues

Where sexual difficulties are found to be caused by psychological and physical reasons, treatment normally consists of a mixture of medical treatment and counselling.

Sexual Health Professionals

There are various health care professionals and each one is a specialist in their field of sexual health.

  • Sexual Health Nurse

  • Sexual Health medical Assistant

  • Sexual Health Doctor

  • Sexual Health Counsellor

  • Sexual Health Educator

Sexual Health Nurses – Provide Family Planning advice and information about sexually transmitted diseases, they can also examine patients.

Sexual Health Assistant – Assist the doctor in his surgery and provides information from a patient’s medical records and makes notes for the doctor during an examination.

Sexual Health Doctor – This is a doctor who has specialised in the subject of sexual health and is qualified in all aspects of sexual health issues.

Sexual Health Counsellor – Provide help and support and develop strategies for recovery in the sexual health field.

Sexual Health Educator – These are specialists in all aspects of sexual health, especially sexually transmitted diseases. They supply information and advice to individuals and groups such as schools.


In today’s society we are encouraged to talk about our problems and seek solutions whatever they may be. Don’t be anxious because you have a sexual health problem, Talk to your doctor, he is there to help.

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