Could you be an Alcoholic – 10 Signs to Judge Yourself

November 12, 2012

Could you be an Alcoholic – 10 Signs to Judge Yourself

In the United States it is estimated that over half the adult population, about 52% are considered to be regular drinkers. That means they have drank at least 12 drinks in the last year according to the 2010 report published by the CDC. That same report showed that 14,406 people died of alcohol induced liver disease and nearly 17.6 million people either have a problem with alcohol consumption or are alcoholics.

Some of the signs of alcoholism include drinking alone or having a resistance build up to the effects of alcohol – and hence having to drink more. Although these are signs of alcoholism they cannot be depended upon to be an indicator that the person in question is an alcoholic. However generally it does indicate some dependence on alcohol. Other signs of alcoholism or a heavy dependence on alcohol can be drinking more than others in your company at social gatherings, lying about how much alcohol you are really drinking or drinking as soon as you waken up, whether it is to try to contain the hangover or just because you like the feeling of alcohol in your bloodstream.

If someone notices that their alcohol consumption has steadily risen then that can also be another one of the signs of alcoholism. As can the need to drink to calm a nervous tension. If the alcohol is being used as a ‘crutch’ then ultimately it will mean that the drinker will become fully dependent upon it and will become an alcoholic. All of the above signs of alcoholism need not be true today but in the future the indications are there that the majority of cases will have problems with alcohol.

Some of these signs of alcoholism are actually common sense. If someone drinks more than before and does so regularly then although their may not yet be an addiction there is a growing dependence. And if someone feels the need to lie about their daily or weekly alcohol consumption then they are aware that what they are drinking is outside what is considered to be the social norms.

If someone is experiencing blackouts it can indicate alcoholism, although there are many other reasons and a trip the doctor is a must for anyone with blackouts. If the blackouts are caused by the alcohol it indicates that the drinker has an inability to stop drinking.

Other issues which can indicate alcohol related issues is if the drinker starts to have more alcohol related accidents or get into more fights because of his or her drunkenness. Generally others talk about the individual’s drinking problems before the drinker will admit to it. If your family and friends keep trying to discuss your drinking habits and show concern about the amount you drink frequently then perhaps this could be considered as another sign of a dependency on alcohol.

Alcoholism can be devastating, not only will it ultimately kill you; in the meantime it can destroy your family relationships, leave you penniless and allow you to slip down the social order to the point that you become the lowest of the low. There is help available to overcome this disease but an inner strength and determination is required to succeed in breaking away from the demon drink.


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