Cosmetic Arm Surgery – What are Your Options?

November 12, 2012

Cosmetic Arm Surgery - What are Your Options?

Whether you simply want to improve how your arms look or need a form of recovery because of an accident, there are various kinds of arm surgery out there nowadays.

Upper Arm Lift Surgery

This surgery is normally done to get rid of extra skin that might have come about because of extreme weight loss. Here are some of the other problems that this surgery can address:

- Skin that jiggles and hangs underneath the upper arm

- Extra upper arm skin that causes emotional discomfort when wearing short-sleeved shirts

- Extra skin following weight loss surgery

- Loose skin on the underarm that is no longer elastic because of old age

Prior to skin being removed in the arm, though, liposuction will need to be done several months before the actual arm surgery to get rid of any extra fat around it. This will depend on the individual situation, though.

Mini Arm Tuck Surgery

If an insufficient amount of sagging skin exists on the arm that makes upper arm lift surgery impossible, mini arm tuck surgery can be done instead. This surgery is usually ideal for people who have arms that are no longer elastic, regardless of whether this is because of recent weight loss, rapid weight loss, or mere age. This kind of arm surgery is an elective one, though, so the majority of insurance companies out there will refuse to cover it.

Full Body Lift Surgery

This surgery doesn’t just involve the arms, but the entire upper body, too. Basically, this particular kind of surgery can get rid of extra skin from various areas all at once. In general, people who have gone through quick and serious weight loss, or bariatric surgery would be the best candidates for this procedure.

Non-Surgical Options

Naturally, as with other kinds of surgical procedures out there, you should really examine all of your other options prior to resorting to arm surgery. Ideally, this should be done in the presence of your doctor. After all, even though people go through this kind of surgery all the time, it can still be dangerous and risky, so you have to weigh all of your options beforehand.

One of the best things to do before opting for surgery would be to follow a good exercise and diet regime. You might want to visit a dietitian, as well, to find out whether you really don’t have any other options out there but surgery. This might be the case sometimes. If so, then you will have to schedule an appointment with a surgeon to talk about why you want to get an arm lift.

To ensure that you are really ready for arm surgery, you will have to meet every doctor involved in the procedure, too, including your potential anesthesiologist. In the end, though, an arm lift will definitely have the power to make you feel younger and more confident in the long run.

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