Compile a camping checklist and don’t forget the essentials!

November 12, 2012

Compile a camping checklist and don’t forget the essentials!

Camping is great fun for all the family – to make sure your trip goes smoothly, you need to ensure you don’t forget any important items!

Camping is a great way of enjoying that best that nature has to offer and is something that the whole family can enjoy together – even the very youngest children love spending time outdoors and sleeping under canvas.

However, no matter how careful we are, no matter how many camping checklists we make, almost inevitably we forget something important – whether it is box of matches or a toilet roll it will, no doubt, cause a great deal of frustration.

What’s the plan?

Before beginning to complete a camping checklist it is helpful to have a rough idea of the plans for the week – what food we will eat, what trips we may go on etc. However, the beginning of any list should always be the essentials.

  • Tent and everything required for sleeping – pillows, sleeping bags, floor rolls, camp beds or an airbed. The tent should be waterproof and it is always wise to check it has all the necessary components before packing it in the car – have you enough tent pegs for example.

  • First aid kit – a good first aid kit should be high on a camping checklist especially if we are taking children. The kit should include all the basic requirements for dealing with minor injuries and illnesses.

  • Kitchen equipment, essential for any good camping trip a good camping stove, or barbecue and charcoal, should be included on your camping checklist along with pans, a kettle, plates, a can opener, cups and cutlery and something to wash the dishes in and bags for all your trash. You should also take a container suitable for carrying water.

  • Food – taking a supply of canned or pre-packed products is always a good idea in case of emergencies but take some fresh food as well, don’t forget breakfast items and tea bags!

  • Hygiene supplies – your camping checklist should include items needed for keeping everyone and everything clean and healthy during your trip – such as toothpaste and brush; soap and dishwashing liquid; toilet rolls’ cleaning cloths and towels; razors; sanitary protection, if required.

  • No camping checklist would be complete without a number of emergency supplies including a flashlight with spare batteries; duct tape; cell phone and GPS; pen and paper; matches or lighter; spare tent pegs; insect repellent; clothes pegs; rope; a small tool kit

  • It is always wise to consider what you will do to pass the time in the event of inclement weather and noting a few ideas on your camping checklist will ensure that you are fully equipped for any occasion -

    • Video camera and a still camera

    • Binoculars

    • Walking boots and waterproof clothing for everyone

    • Maps of the local area and a guide book

    • Playing cards and board games

    • Books and music

    • Outdoor play equipment such as a soccer ball or a cricket set

    • Battery operated radio with spare batteries

Don’t leave it till the last minute

One important thing that we can all do in order to avoid forgetting anything is to plan ahead and not leave all the packing to the last possible minute. If we use our camping checklist, crossing items off as we pack, we can be sure of not forgetting any of the essential requirements for our camping trip.


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