Common Methods for Eye Stye Treatment

November 12, 2012

Common Methods for Eye Stye Treatment

A stye is mainly caused by staphylococcal bacteria which lives in the nose and is passed to the eyes. Sties can be caused by conjunctivitis, poor health and other eye infections. A stye develops because the gland at the eyelid becomes infected and a small lump appears on the eyelid. This can be seen in the inside and the outside of the eyelid. Vision is not affected and sties can occur on people of any age. Pain, some swelling and redness are some of the symptoms which may develop. There may be some swelling around the infected area which can cause the eye to water. Once the redness appears on the eyelid pus comes out and this will give relief. In extreme cases impaired vision and fever could arise.

Making a paste from potatoes and apply on the area of inflammation and redness is an effective eye stye treatment which helps to lessen the swelling.

Another good eye stye treatment involves soaking a clove in water and placing it on the infectious eye to help to reduce the pain associated with the stye.

Wet tea bags are another excellent eye stye treatment. Place the wet tea bags over the eyes for approximately 10 minutes two or three times a day. Another alternative is to bandage the tea bags over your closed eyes and rest for three to four hours for relief.

Make triphala water by adding one teaspoon of triphala power into a jug or beaker of water and let it infuse overnight. Use a filter before use and then flush your eyes.

Make a guava leave compress by warming the guava leaves and wrapping them in a warm damp cloth. Application of this compress is another beneficial eye stye treatment as it helps to alleviate the pain and lessen inflammation and swelling.

Make a preparation of coriander by placing a teaspoon of coriander in a cup or basin of boiled water and wash your eyes approximately three to four times per day with this.

Mix two to three granules of alum in a basin or cup of water to wash your eyes which provides relief.

Another effective eye stye treatment is to make a compress from acacia leaves by boiling them with two cups of water and prior to use strain correctly.

Boil one teaspoon of turmeric with two cups of water and reduce. Strain well until the turmeric granules are gone. This helps ease the pain associated with a stye when used two to three times per day as eye drops.

If you are susceptible to developing sties drink dandelion tea which assists the body to fight the bacteria which may be the cause of the stye. To avoid requiring eye stye treatments refrain from eating foods high in starch and sugar.

As sties are extremely infectious, a person with a stye should keep their soap and towel separate from others. Refrain from trying to burst the stye as this will cause the infection to spread to the other eye and do not touch with your hands.

Try doing eye exercises such as moving the eyes up and down and looking side to side in a circular fashion. You may want to consider palming which involves covering your eyes with the palms of your hands. Do not press on the closed eyes. This action helps to reduce strain on the eyes and relaxes the eyes and adjacent areas of the skin.

By observing a healthy diet and excellent hygiene sties can be prevented.


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