Clear cell carcinoma

November 12, 2012

Clear cell carcinoma

Clear cell carcinoma is a rare type of cancerous tumour that is most commonly found in tumours of the female reproductive system and the lower urinary tract.

What is clear cell carcinoma and where does it affect?

Clear cell carcinoma, CCC for short and also sometimes known as clear cell cancer is a rare kind of tumour that gets name through its cell’s, which are clear or pale in colour. Although CCC can occur in many various tumours it is most commonly occurs in the female reproductive system and lower urinary tract. The surface of the body tissue and cavities are made up of cells known as epithelial cells and it is from these cells that clear cell carcinoma cancer can form. Therefore it is possible for both men and women to develop this form of cancer in many places of the body including the skin, breasts, kidney or the organs of the female reproductive system.

A common form of clear cell carcinoma is renal cell carcinoma, which develops in the renal tubules of the kidney. This is where waste products are removed from the blood, a very important bodily function. A very high percentage of kidney tumours are of this kind. Clear cell carcinoma when it develops in the ovaries is called clear cell adenocarcinoma or clear cell mesonephroma. Although CCC is only present in about 6% of all cancers of the ovaries, when it does occur around half of the cases are fatal. This is due to the fact that it can be difficult to detect in the early stages so by the time it is discovered, it is often in the later stages.

Signs and symptoms of clear cell carcinoma

The symptoms of clear cell carcinoma can vary quite dramatically from case to case. The severity of symptoms can also vary and depend on the location of the tumour. Common symptoms of kidney cancer include:

  • Blood in the urine

  • Difficulty with urination

  • Abdominal pain

  • A pain or burning sensation when urinating

  • Pain during bowel movements

Symptoms associated with the cancer when it has developed in the female reproductive system may include pain in the abdomen and pelvic area. Some general symptoms of cancer that could occur include weight loss, loss of appetite and fatigue.

Causes of clear cell carcinoma

The direct cause of CCC is unknown, although research has suggested that are certain factors that contribute to its development such as smoking and heredity factors. Studies have also shown that it is more likely to occur in females whose mother took a drug called diethylstilbestrol during pregnancy. Once the symptoms have been properly diagnosed, treatment can be started. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are all possible options.


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