Choose high protein snacks for energy and nutrition

November 12, 2012

Choose high protein snacks for energy and nutrition

High protein diets are very popular due to their reputation for being satisfying and staving off hunger.

More and more of us are discovering the benefits of using healthy high protein snacks to keep us going through our busy days. High protein snacks are beneficial in keeping us feeling full for longer and maintaining consistent levels of energy – helping to avoid that mid-afternoon slump, for example, that affects so many of us. As more people choose to eat ‘little and oftenÂ’ the use of high protein snacks is becoming a popular dietary choice.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt has higher protein content, as much as 20g per serving, than most other yogurts, due to the fact that much of its excess liquid has been drained – this makes it an ideal choice as a high protein snack. Now available in individual pots and low fat versions it makes a great snack when combined with crudit s, fruit or healthy cereals.

Trail mix

Trail mix – a combination of nuts, dried fruits, seeds and dark chocolate chips – is fairly high in protein. Trail mix is a good choice for a high protein snack – it is convenient to carry, provides a little bit of sweetness and is extremely filling.

Hard boiled eggs

Eggs have been the subject of a great deal of negative press – which has been proven to be unfounded. In fact eggs are a great source of good protein and when hard boiled make an excellent, compact, high protein snack. Eggs are a source of complete protein – providing all of the essential amino acids required for good health, an average egg provides over 6 grams of good quality protein and only 80 calories. In addition, what could be more convenient and easy to carry than a hard-boiled egg?

Beef or turkey jerky

Beef or turkey jerky may not be an automatic choice as a high protein snack; however, it is quick and easy to use when on the go and provides around 10 grams of protein. Choose to buy your jerky from a health food outlet in order to avoid the excess salt contained in many brands.

Soy nuts

Soy nuts, along with soy protein, are gaining popularity due to the incredible range of health benefits they provide. Soy nuts are an extremely healthy high protein snack option – much healthier than many other options in fact.

Soy nuts are made from soaked, whole soy beans which are then roasted or baked until crisp and brown (they may also be fried, but, this is, clearly, the less healthy option). Soy nuts are similar to peanuts but have less fat and more protein – making them the healthier choice.

Soy nuts are available in various flavours or may even be coated with chocolate or yogurt! Soy nuts can easily be found in health food or ethnic food shops, or, can be made at home with no difficulty.

Canned fish

Canned fish, such as tuna, salmon, sardines or mackerel all make great high protein snack options, be careful to choose the kind canned in water or tomato rather than oil.

Protein bars

Protein bars are quick, easy and convenient to use on the go – check the labelling of commercial bars in order to find the ones with the highest protein levels and lower levels of fat and/or carbohydrates, or, better still, make your own.


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