Check out these Remedies for Period Pains

November 12, 2012

Check out these Remedies for Period Pains

If you’re a women, no doubt you’ve experienced period pains. See what exercise can do for you.

Most women have experienced period pains from time to time. For others, they may have them all the time and the pain may be severe. It’s part of being a female. But, did you know, there are natural remedies for these monthly blues that can ultimately relieve your period pains.

Natural Remedies for Period Pains

It’s nice to know that there are natural remedies for period pains since we tend to experience them every month. Consider getting a health checkup, exercise, change diet and use heating pads to ease your period pains.


Believe it or not exercise is something you should consider during period pains. Physical exercise has been reported to reduce period pain. You don’t want to do anything strenuous but walking is always a good choice. Don’t fall prey to what other women do which is curl up in bed and do nothing. Consider light exercise as this will release endorphins in the brain which lessens pain and gives you a good sense of well being.

See Your Doctor

If you period pains are excessive, then it’s time to go to the doctor for a check up. Your doctor can examine you to see if there are any health issues to worry about. At that time your doctor can talk to you about your diet and exercise you might be doing.


It’s all about eating healthy foods make no mistake about it if you want to keep period pains to a minimum. You should be taking in plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meats, seeds, nuts, beans and whole grains that are unprocessed. Cut back on processed sugar and fats. Make sure to drink plenty of water to flush out your system. Don’t forget that a nice cup of hot tea will help with period pains.

Heat Sources

If you have a heating pad, hot water bottle or one of those new pads that can go in the microwave, use that to apply heat to your lower abdomen. You may even find it does wonders on your lower back. There’s nothing like old fashioned heat to relieve pain. There are new disposable pads that stick to your skin that work wonders. They should give 8 to 12 hours of relief. You might also consider taking a nice long tub soak. Place a some Avena sativa (oatmeal), epsom salts or lavender oil in the water. Lavender oil is not only soothing but the aromatic oils actually pass the blood-brain-barrier and can east pain and bring about a relaxed mental state.


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