Certain Medical Conditions may Create Side Effects to Panax Ginseng

November 12, 2012

Certain Medical Conditions may Create Side Effects to Panax Ginseng

It is well known that panax ginseng has a number of health benefits however, are you aware of the side effects it can generate?

Many people take panax ginseng for many reasons. This herb has a number of medicinal benefits which include increased resistance to stress, stimulates he immune system, improves memory, provides longevity, antidepressant, anti-anxiety, combats fatigue along with other benefits too numerous to mention here. This botanical is touted to cure just about anything you might be suffering from. However, there are a number of side effects associated with panax ginseng.

You need to bear in mind that just because panax ginseng is all natural doesn’t mean that is it free of side effects. Many botanicals contain toxins and deadly ones that can be life threatening. It’s also important to realize that if you are taking any medications or have a previous health issue, this botanical may interact with medication you are taking or affect your health issue in a negative way.

General Side Effects

Panax Ginseng has been reported to cause insomnia, headaches, upset stomach, diarrhea, vertigo and/or euphoria. Side effects that have been reported to be serious but are rare include vaginal bleeding, tachycardia (fast heart rate), hypoglycemia, hypertension, hypotension, mania (extreme behaviors), bleeding in general, stroke, slurred speech and weakness in the extremities.

Allergic Symptoms

If you are allergic to panax ginseng, look for rashes, hives, swelling of the lips, face, mouth or throat. You may experience difficulty breathing. Contact your healthcare provider immediately and/or go to the emergency room.

Blood Thinning Side Effects

If you are taking blood thinners such as Warfarin (Coumadin) or aspirin, you need to consult with your healthcare provider before you take this supplement. Panax ginseng contains blood thinners and may cause further thinning of the blood promoting bleeding and bruising.

Talk with your Healthcare Provider Before you Take any Supplement

Panax ginseng may cause birth defects. If you are pregnant, will become pregnant or are breast feeding, consult with your healthcare provider before taking this supplement. If you have type 2 diabetes, you should know that panax ginseng will affect blood sugar levels. Ask you healthcare provider whether it is safe to take this supplement and ask how it affects blood sugar levels.

Now that you have some idea as the the possible side effects of panax ginseng, make sure to speak with your healthcare provider before you take this supplement. Make your doctor knows your complete medical history and any medications you may be taking from other doctors. No doubt panax ginseng has many health benefits but let’s not forget it can generate some nasty side effects in some individuals.

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