Caring for Baby’s Skin

November 12, 2012

Caring for Baby’s Skin

It may be stating the obvious! We know every time we hold our baby they don’t have the same amount of hair as adults, their skin is softer, smoother and thinner, therefore their skin has to be cared for in a different way. Below we have put together some handy hints and tips to help keep baby’s skin soft and healthy.

Protecting your Baby from the Sun

If your baby is six months or younger, if possible keep them out of the sun but if this cannot be done, put them in clothing which will protect them from the sun and use a sunscreen no less than 15SPF on their bare skin areas such as the face but don’t forget the back of hands and any other areas which are uncovered.

If your baby is over six months use a broad spectrum sunscreen, again at least 15SPF. Keep reapplying a small amount of the sunscreen every 2 hours and if you have a water baby and they enjoy being in the pool, remember to reapply when they come out. Also reapply more often if baby has been sweating. It is recommended to use physical sunscreens and sunblockers which have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in them and are also chemical free.

Try not to use lotions, best to stick to creams, ointment and emollient moisturizers and try not to use any which have alcohol in them, as this can dry out baby’s skin.

Bath Time and Skin Care for your Baby

Bath time can be wonderful for babies, especially when there are lots of bubbles! Use a mild bubble bath as others can dry out baby’s skin. As babies aren’t sweating a mild soap can be used to keep their skin clean.

To avoid tears when washing your baby’s hair use a shampoo which doesn’t burn their eyes, therefore don’t use shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate.

Use moisturizer which has no fragrance or perfume, especially on sensitive skin, after bath time to help prevent dry skin.

Cradle cap (scales on the scalp) is very common in young babies and a handy hint which many experts recommend to reduce the scales is to spread a small amount of mineral oil to the scalp and softly brush away the scales.

Don’t use anti bacterial products as these can make your baby’s skin dry. Try not to use anti-bacterial household products on a regular basis, as the germs they are meant to destroy may well build up resistance, which in turn makes these germs more difficult to kill.

Don’t use the tumble dryer sheets or any of the fabric softeners when doing the baby’s washing. These can leave a film on baby’s clothes which in turn can irritate your baby’s skin.

Be very careful when using baby powder which has talc or cornstarch in it as this can cause damage your baby’s lungs. Never put baby powder near your baby’s face and use it sparingly.

Diaper Rash

Most babies do get diaper rash at some time or another and it’s straight forward to deal with. Change the diaper regularly, every 3 or 4 hours or whenever baby has made use of it. Avoid using any scented products or wipes as these will be irritating on the baby’s skin.

Until baby’s bottom has healed you can use a soft cloth and water and allow baby to be diaper free while their bottom is drying in the warmth of a living room or other warm area.

Petroleum ointment is ideal to use for prevention of diaper rash and if you use it regularly you can cut down the chance of your infant developing diaper rash. By doing this and avoiding scented products you can help your baby to keep soft and healthy skin.

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