Can mobile phones cause brain cancer?

November 12, 2012

Can mobile phones cause brain cancer?

In recent years mobile phones have been accused of causing or accelerating the growth of cancerous cells that result in the development of brain cancer. This has triggered extensive research in order to find out if there is any truth behind it.

The radiation rays produced by mobile phones have recently become the target of claims that they promote the development of brain cancer. In response to such allegations thorough research has been conducted looking into whether or not there is any evidence to support such claims.

The radiation rays that mobile phones emit are known as non-ionizing in nature. This means that they are not strong enough to cause any direct effect or mutation to the brain cells and brain cancer requires a pro-longer period of time to fully form. If exposed to radiation for a long time, then it there is the possibility of triggering a kind of brain tumor. It is a growth known as a glioma. Individuals most susceptible to the development of this growth, is children and adolescents who have a thinner skull. This makes penetration of the radiation easier and therefore makes this age group the most likely to be affected by the toxic affects of radiation.

A study was conducted by the organization WHO into the radiofrequency that are emitted by electromagnetic fields such as mobile phones and found there us a possibility that they are carcinogenic. Having said this the frequency used by mobile phones is lacking in the energy that is required to cause tissues to become heated or DNA to become mutated. What the energy is capable however is to activate cells into behaving in a manner that supports the growth or tumor cells that can eventually lead to brain cancer.

Another study performed looked into the affects of holding a mobile phone up against the side of a persons head constantly for a period of at 50 minutes and the affects that it has on the brain. Results showed that the brain tissues on the side of the brain that had the phone began to consume higher amounts of glucose compared to normal and compared to the side of the brain without the phone. Glucose acts as fuel for the brain and is necessary for proper functioning. However, excessive consumption of it may have negative effects for the safety of the brain tissue.

Research continues to be done into whether mobile phones can cause brain cancer and results continue to be inconclusive. Whilst it appears there may be a weak connection between the two, the truth remains the radiation emitted isn’t strong enough to cause tissue or cell damage. Where there may be potential for concern is in long-term use as brain cancer develops slowly. Anyone who spends long periods of time on the phone should opt to use ear plus to avoid the issue.


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