Calorific Value of Bananas

November 12, 2012

Calorific Value of Bananas

All over the globe many people enjoy and love eating bananas, but we never think how many calories this soft fruit contains, so if you are calorie watching it would be good to know the exact calorie count.

Bananas fall into the following classifications: extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. An extra small banana measuring up to six inches in length should be able to provide 75 calories. Small bananas measuring six to seven inches in length 90 calories are provided. Bananas which are medium sized measuring between seven to eight inches 105 calories. The large size banana will measure between eight to nine inches and this size of the banana is expected to provide you with 120 calories. The extra-large banana should be over nine inches when it comes to the length and will provide 135 calories. These are estimates as no two bananas are the same. By being able to recognize the size of the banana it allows you to know how many calories it contains.

Banana fruit is found in hot and humid areas and produces the fourth largest fruit harvest in the world. Very high temperatures and over exposure to the sun can cause considerable harm to the banana leaves and the fruit. To keep the fruit well looked after, it is essential to safeguard the cultivated area as it will aid in higher production and also produce a better quality of banana. Bananas are difficult to grow when temperatures are freezing or when the temperature dips to approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Should there be growth of any kind, it will only be the toughest which will survive. If you are trying to grow bananas it could take between ten and fifteen months of temperate conditions and no frost in order to create the stem. The location of where a banana is grown determines the calorie count.

Knowing the nutritional value in a banana allows you to balance your diet. Bananas supply Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium, manganese as well as fiber which will benefit your health. For every 100 gms of banana your body receives 0.36 mg of vitamin B6 and round about 10 mg of vitamin C. It also has 20.4 grams of sugar for 100 grams of fruit.

Being aware of the amount of calories in a banana and also other nutritious benefits will help you if you are dieting and no weight is gained as there is little fat in this fruit. Bananas are reasonably priced fruit and as well as being an excellent supplement to your daily meal, they are good to eat when trying to lose weight. Remember to follow the suggested calorie intake for your body.


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