Burning Vagina Sensations

November 12, 2012

Burning Vagina Sensations

Inflammation or infection present in the vagina, urinary tract or genital area can be a condition known as a burning vagina. Although the discomfort may be occurring in the surrounding areas rather than the vagina itself, it often feels as though the discomfort is in the vagina. The intensity of the burning vagina sensation can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including the cause of the condition. Some sufferers experience constant pain whereas others only feel it at certain times such as during sexual activity or urination. Additionally, it can occur either suddenly or appear gradually.

An accurate diagnosis of burning vagina

One cause of a burning vagina can be extreme itching of the genital area, often due to diseases, conditions or disorders of the genital region such as a vaginal yeast infection. Other causes of itchiness of the vagina, cervix or urinary tract include hormone changes, infections, STD’s, allergic reactions and urinary tract infections. A burning vagina can be treated but first the underlying cause needs to be determined. In order to make an accurate diagnosis, your doctor will need to perform a physical, pelvic exam and take a full sexual history. The pelvic examination will involve your doctor checking the external genitalia as well as opening the vagina with a speculum to look at the vagina and cervix. A cell sample will also be taken from inside the vagina to be tested for infection.

Different types of treatment

Treatment of course will differ depending on the cause of the burning vagina. Antifungal medication will be prescribed if the cause is a yeast infection and antibiotics will be prescribed if the condition is down to a bacterial infection. If you begin to experience any vaginal burning sensations you are advised to seek medical attention. Some causes including gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and urinary tract infections can cause serious complications if they are not treated in a timely fashion. Potential complications include kidney infection and pelvic inflammatory disease as well as other serious problems if the woman is pregnant.

A long with burning vagina sensations, other symptoms that often accompany it vary depending on the underlying cause. Some of the other potential symptoms that can occur alongside include fatigue, headaches, fever, pain during urination, a rash in the genital region, vaginal discharge and vaginal or anal itching amongst others.

Potential causes of burning vagina

There are many causes of a burning vagina including infections; diseases and disorders; physical and hormonal. Examples of common infections include chlamydia, genital herpes, pubic lice and urinary tract infection. Some examples of diseases that can cause a vaginal burning sensation include lichen sclerosis, vulvar cancer and vulvar dystrophy. Examples of the physical and hormonal causes include douching, rough sex, allergic reaction and the menopause. When symptoms of these causes are left untreated some of the further potential complications include the spread of any present STD’s, spread of infection to other parts of the body, meningitis and birth defects, miscarriages and other complications during pregnancy.

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