Build yourself some muscle

November 12, 2012

Build yourself some muscle

The key to losing weight is not to eat less, you need to exercise. By building muscle, your metabolism will speed up and burn more calories.

Many of us start the new year intending to lose weight and get in shape – few of us manage to keep our new regime going for more than a month or so, but, it’s never too late to just start again whether with an exercise routine or a new diet it is amazing at what can be achieved in a short space of time.

Lose fat, gain muscle

Many people long to have a healthy looking, toned body, but, lack the will power and determination to do that work necessary to achieve that look. There is a simple workout however, which can contribute to your quest for a more defined body shape.

One exercise

The power clean and push press can be performed with any piece of equipment you have to hand – not just a proper weight, even a beer keg could be used. The power clean involves a full movement from the floor to a full, overhead lockout using more muscle power and very little technique, it is also incredibly easy to learn – which means fantastic results can be achieved with very little coaching. This workout can be highly beneficial in all sports and involves all muscles except the chest and biceps.

How to do the exercise.

Bend the knees and explode upwards – transferring your whole energy to the bar as follows -

  • Take a deep breath, fix back, and pull the weight up the shins in a dead lift, as slowly and deliberately as you can. You should be looking straight ahead

  • Once the legs have pushed the bar as high as possible contract the trapeziums upper back muscles. Do not bounce the weight up the legs but rather allow it to ‘graze’ upwards. Do not pull upwards with the arms. Keep the bar as straight and as close to the body as possible.

  • Drop into a squat position, spinning the hands around the weight so that the elbows are extended frontwards.

  • When the anterior deltoids are reached, enter a quarter squat and continue to press the weight overhead by exploding upward and locking the elbows out at the top of the movement. Take care not to lean back and over extend the spine, if necessary wear a belt to avoid damage to the lumbar region.

The combination of power clean and push press gives a simple, unique exercise requiring minimal equipment and space. The power clean and push workout improves strength, conditioning, speed, body coordination and development in your whole body – not just one area.

For a complete workout do as many reps as possible in one minute, rest for two minutes, then do 2 to 4 more sets. In order to add variation use different items of equipment for each set. This particular workout can be done a couple of times a week on its’ own, or, if combined with a regular workout, once a week. Being proficient in this simple exercise will be beneficial in all of your sporting activity and will improve all round strength and conditioning.

Before trying any new exercise regime always consult your medical practitioner first.

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