Build Muscle efficiently with this 10-step guide

November 12, 2012

Build Muscle efficiently with this 10-step guide

If you are looking for a quick fix way to build muscle don’t be sucked in too much by the pictures and stories you read in magazines. Most of these guys were genetically built big rather than use training methods to develop and build muscle naturally. It is important not too push your body too hard physically and mentally which is possible if you attempt to do too much, too fast. Here is a 10-step guide to building muscle.

  1. Build up your strength

Strength training is the ultimate way to build muscle and can be done by new or experienced muscle builders a like. Use weights to develop your strength by starting out light and then adding more weight as you can. Always learn the proper technique when training with weights and although you should keep stretching your comfort zone, be aware of your limits.

  1. Take advantage of compound exercises

Compound exercises allow you to work on several different muscles at the same time so you can build muscle mass and base strength before you start targeting specific areas.

  1. Don’t forget your legs

Squats and dead lifts are not only great for your legs but they also work out your whole body. Free weight squatting with your hips coming lower than your knees will give you noticeable results in no time.

  1. Full body workouts

Start with compound exercises such as squats, dips, pull-ups and bench presses before moving on to isolation exercises once you have built up your core strength.

  1. Train using Free Weights

Use barbells to lift some heavier weights and dumbbells for assistant exercise rather than machines, as they give you more freedom and you will find you have better results. Using free weights requires you to use your own balance and control, they are versatile as you can use them for many different exercises and they encourage you to move in more natural motions reducing injuries from fixed machines.

  1. Respect the recovery process

Don’t jump in to working out too much, too fast. Build up the amount of time you work out for and how many times a week slowly, remembering to give your body time to recover in between. Muscles need rest time and a growth hormone that is released in your sleep in order to develop. Try to get around 8 hours sleep a day, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated during and after a work out and make sure you consume enough calories.

  1. Stick to a whole food diet

Whole foods contain vitamins and minerals, which aid your muscles in their recovery and growth. Make sure your diet consists of plenty of protein, carbs, vegetables, fruits and natural fats such as seeds, nuts and olive oil.

  1. Eat and then eat some more

A big mistake that many people who are just beginning to build up their muscles make, is not eating enough. The second most important thing after training when you are trying to build muscle is your calorie in take. Your muscles need the nutrients that you get form food in order to repair. It is important that you eat at breakfast time and also just after you’ve finished working out. You should generally be eating every 3 hours throughout the day aiming for 6 meals a day.

  1. Put on some weight

The only way to put on extra muscle is to get bigger and this means gaining weight. Look for foods with a high calorie content such as pasta, oats, nuts and olive oil. Drinking plenty of milk will also help you put on some weight and if you are doing plenty of squats, it will all be converted to muscle weight.

  1. It’s all about the protein

Protein is essential for building and maintaining body muscle so make sure protein is included in every meal you eat. Some great sources of protein include red meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy foods.

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