Breast cancer awareness month

November 12, 2012

Breast cancer awareness month

Breast cancer awareness month is October and during this month its common to see many people wearing the pink breast cancer ribbon as a symbol of support and awareness.


Breast cancer awareness month is an important time of year for raising awareness and fundraising for the disease. During breast cancer awareness month you probably also see an increase in resources and articles such as this one offering advice and suggestions on breast cancer prevention methods. The number of American women affected by breast cancer has risen since 1960 when one in fourteen who lived to the age of 85 would develop breast cancer. Today that statistic is one in eight women. Breast cancer is now the most common type of cancer in women. These shocking statistics are the reason that breast cancer awareness month continues to be such as important notion.


There are a great number of factors that contribute the development of breast cancer and many of them are out of our control for example pollution, genetic factors and environment. One factor that is within our control and has major determining effects on our health is the food that we chose to put into our bodies. Foods have been used for hundreds of years in medicine and as preventative measures so being aware of the right things to eat can play a major role in the prevention of numerous health conditions including breast cancer. A healthy diet requires the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, fats and water. The key is to know which are the most nutritional foods from each food group and get as many of them into your diet as possible. You will probably find that food and diet is a major taking point during breast cancer awareness month.

  • Good fats

Fats that are high in calories should be avoided as much as possible. This means foods including fatty red meat, fried foods, butter, margarine, junk food and processed foods. Vegetable oil should also be avoided and replaced with olive oil for cooking. Good fats however contain valuable properties that are able to reduce the risk of developing cancer. Borage oil, evening primrose oil and olive oil are all good sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids as is fish oil.

  • Control oestrogen levels

An excessive amount of oestrogen is occurring more and more in both men and women due to environmental oestrogens that are entering the body via diet. Chemical pollutants and pesticides are largely responsible for this as is a diet containing too little fibre and too much saturated animal fat and refined carbohydrates. Eating organic produce and increasing fibre intake can help with this.

  • Fight free radicals

Free radicals when in excess can damage cells and cause inflammation. Increased production is caused by environmental factors such as air pollution, alcohol, drugs, smoking, chemicals and radiation off of TV and computers. A number of serious conditions can develop due to an excess of free radicals.

  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium are very effective in improving long-term health. Fruit and vegetables are great sources of a variety of antioxidants.

  • Black and Green tea

Green tea has been one of the best known about sources of antioxidants for years. It is able to offer protection against a great number of diseases from cancer to dental cavities. More recent studies have found that black tea also contains many potential health benefits.

  • Sugar

Inflammation can be very damaging to cells and one of the most common causes of inflammation is a rise in blood sugar levels. Avoiding sugar and simple carbohydrates, which the body converts very quickly into sugar should be avoided.

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