Brain Tumor

November 12, 2012

Brain Tumor

A brain tumor may be benign or malignant and can produce a variety of symptoms according to a number of factors. Treatment depends on the location and type of brain tumor.


Symptoms of a brain tumor depend on a number of factors including its size, type and location. Symptoms are caused for different reasons depending on the nature of the tumor. If it has caused damage to the brain or is pressing up against a nerve, certain symptoms will occur. Alternatively if it has lead to swelling in the brain or a build up of fluid, then again symptoms will occur. The most common symptoms produced by a brain tumor include:

  • Headaches

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Changes to speech, hearing or vision

  • Difficulties walking or with balance

  • Changes in mood personality

  • Difficulty remembering things

  • Muscle jerking

The treatment used to treat the tumor depends largely on its nature. A benign tumor should be surgically removed but a cancerous one may require a combination of surgery and chemotherapy. It is quite common for a tumor to relapse in the same place.

Homeopathy treatment

The presence of a brain tumor is the physical manifestation of the symptoms of the disease. Therefore removing the tumor is akin to relieving the symptoms but does not remove the root or the cause of the disease. Removing the tumor surgically is a basically a temporary solution as the reason for the growth has not been addressed so it is likely that re-growth will occur. This is the reason that many cases of people who have a brain tumor removed find that it returns and sometimes even grows at a faster rate than it was previously. The brain tumor will have to be surgically removed again and again meaning the patient has to keep undergoing one of the most high-risk surgical procedures. Constitutional homeotherapy produces a high success of cure rate for all types of tumor in all kinds of patient. The rate in which improvement of symptoms is noticed by the patient varies from case to case and depends largely on the stage of the tumor. The first brain tumor symptom that homeopathy treatment usually affects is the pain, which occur very quickly. Following that the symptoms related to brain pressure begin to improve such seizures, loss of vision, loss of memory and similar things. The use of CT scans and MRI’s make it possible to track the effect of the treatment on the tumor and success is often evident by significant reductions in the size of the tumor. In patients who have already undergone surgical removal of a brain tumor, homeopathy treatment is often able to prevent recurrence.

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