Botox Now used to Treat Problem Bladders

November 12, 2012

Botox Now used to Treat Problem Bladders

The FDA has now made a statement that Botox can be used to treat leaky bladders. If the damage is caused thru multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury the FDA has approved its usage. Botox is also approved for treating conditions as diverse as severe underarm sweating, improper eye alignment, some muscle contraction and stiffness conditions, treating chronic migraine and eyelid twitchiness.

The FDA took the decision to allow Botox to be administered to patients after clinical trials involving nearly 700 individuals showed benefits in the form of decreased urinary leaks per week from the patients. Botox works by relaxing the bladder, this allows more urine to be held. Although it shows an improvement there were some side effects. An increased incidence of urinary tract infections was seen and some patients had the inability to urinate until a catheter had been inserted.

The type of patients being addressed have nerve damage from multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury, and other conditions. Because of the difficulty retaining urine these patients often require medications to make the bladder relax. It is common to need a catheter to empty the bladder too. The Botox was injected in to the bladder during a cystoscopy. This is a common a medical procedure employed to investigate the inside the bladder.


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