Bodybuilding may cause problems with your ears!

November 12, 2012

Bodybuilding may cause problems with your ears!

Yes. You heard the title correctly. Bodybuilding may cause ringing in ears. The prestigious Harvard Medical School has carried out studies which have investigated a condition called chronic tinnitus. This condition has symptoms which include ringing, hissing or other disturbing and unexplained noises in the ears. More information can be found in the publication: “What to do about ringing ears”, published by Harvard Health Publications.

Ringing in ears is commonplace, with about 50 million people in the U.S. suffering from it to some degree. However it has also been identified that someone who body builds may increase the risk of developing ringing in ears because the blood pressure rises during training. The rise in pressure increases the likelihood of ringing in ears. And as the weights are increased the strain on the athlete increases with the probability of increased blood pressure. It has been known for very high increases in blood pressure to occur just as the bodybuilder lifts very heavy weights.

However there are precautions that the bodybuilder can take to reduce the likelihood of an increase in blood pressure. The nature of bodybuilding, or any sport, means that the body does have spikes of increased blood pressure and ringing in ears occasionally is only a nuisance. This is caused by temporary increases in blood pressure during periods of straining during a lift.

Whenever any moment of exertion occurs then keep breathing slowly, do not hold your breath. This helps the blood pressure to remain at an acceptable level, which in turn removes the risk of noises or ringing in the ears. However if your ears continually ring whilst you are doing exercise then it’s best to see your doctor and discuss things. If any other indications such as dizziness, sickness or feeling lightheaded occur then stop exercising and talk with your health care professional.

Regular bodybuilding can help to keep blood pressure at a healthy level but care must be taken that you build up slowly. In general keeping to a healthy lifestyle including healthy eating and regular exercise will assist in keeping blood pressure within healthy limits. But if you do having ringing in ears and you are a bodybuilder then make sure that the ringing isn’t from other causes such as middle ear infection, impacted ear wax or just part of the aging process.

Some accepted methods of minimizing ringing ears include avoiding caffeine, have enough quality rest and don’t drink alcohol. If you do have high blood pressure then before doing any forms of strength training such as lifting heavy weights it is best to talk with your doctor.


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