Bad headaches

November 12, 2012

Bad headaches

If you suffer from bad headaches on a regular basis then it is likely that you are desperate to find a solution that works for you. Headaches are the most frequently complained about pain condition and for some people they occur all too often. Headaches with an underlying life threatening condition are much rarer than the everyday nuisance headaches we all experience from time to time.

There are a number of simple self-help techniques which have proven to be very useful for many people and also a number of lifestyle changes which you can carry out which may help reduce the risk of headaches developing. An ordinary uncomplicated bad headache, whilst uncomfortable and irritating, is fairly easily dealt with by using over the counter pain killing medications such as ibuprofen, paracetamol or aspirin. Of course a migraine headache is much more than a bad headache and requires a different approach. If you feel the onset of a bad headache then there are some steps you can take immediately in an effort to minimise the attack or cure the headache completely.

  • Have a drink of water – keeping hydrated is important for many health reasons, but, if you feel a headache coming on it may be some time since you had a drink, consuming a glass of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty, may well work wonders!

  • Remove any headgear which may be exerting too much pressure on your head.

  • Remove contact lenses to give your eyes a rest.

  • Self massage is a very useful tool to relieve bad headaches – gently rub your temples and try to relax. Of course if you can get someone else to do that massage for you the results may be even better!!

  • Eat something – as with thirst we may be hungry without realising it, eating a healthy snack such as an apple may sometimes give our blood sugar the lift it needs to alleviate the headache.

  • Find somewhere quiet to rest – removing oneself from a noisy environment is always a good move if you are experiencing a bad headache and if you can manage a short nap then so much the better.

  • Dim the lights – or wear your sunglasses.

  • If you are experiencing regular headaches which are proving difficult to remedy then it may be a good idea to have your eyes checked – vision deterioration is something which can occur without us realising.

  • Heat treatment in the form of a hot towel or seed bag is useful for some people; others may find the application of an ice pack beneficial.

  • Try acupressure – whilst you can visit a professional for this treatment there is one trick you can do at home – with the thumb and forefinger of one hand take a firm grip on the skin between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand, squeeze tightly for a few minutes before releasing slowly. You may also like to try exerting pressure between the eyes at the top of your nose and in the small soft spot at the base of your skull – if you can’t do this yourself get someone to help. Exert pressure in these two spots simultaneously and slowly count to ten, then, release to the slow count of ten also. Repeat as needed.

It is fairly easy to try a number of self-help methods in order to deal with bad headaches in order that they do not have a debilitating effect on your lifestyle.

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