Baby Sleeping Tips

November 12, 2012

Baby Sleeping Tips

Every parent when reminiscing about when the children were babies will remember the feeling of tiredness. Babies have to learn the routines that we all take for granted. That is sleep at night and awake during the day. Routines are a very important tool to get your baby to settle down at the right times. But if you are having a hard time getting him to settle throughout the night then do as baby does. When they sleep during the day then that’s time for your nap too. Some of the following methods might be useful to you in your quest for a good night’s sleep.

Obviously babies don’t have any understanding of night and day but when they need fed then they must be fed – at any time. At around the month old point they tend to become more alert during daytime. Anytime after a month or so make sure that everyday you open the curtains and get daylight in, don’t try to keep things quiet and get on and do your daily activities. Let the baby be aware of the movement and noises and if they are having a nap don’t worry about normal everyday noises. Now is the time to play and have one to one time. However at night keep things dim and quiet and don’t play with them, although telling a story or singing quietly is ok. This helps baby to settle. Keep doing this and your baby will learn that this is the time for sleep.

Babies with routines tend to be happy babies. It helps them to feel relaxed and safe. Try starting the bedtime routine around the three month point. He or she may well be unpredictable, one good night for two or three not so good ones is quite common, but persevere. The benefits include a settled night for the whole family and a happy settled baby.

Do things in the same manner every night. Baby must get used to the routine before becoming settled. Work towards calming baby an hour or so before bedtime, no games or excitement. A warm bath relaxes a lot of children, this can be part of the routine, your baby knows that bath time means going to bed soon. So put clean nightclothes and nappy on, if this is feeding time give baby a bottle or do it naturally. There is a view that making the last feed of the day too near to bedtime makes your child have a link between sleep and a bottle. So later on he or she will always want a bottle to go back to sleep through the night. If this is your view then feed baby before the bath. Put your baby into their cot and make sure that the lights are dimmed. A bedtime story is a good way to settle any child so get your baby into the habit early.

Make sure that your baby is lying on his or her back and is relaxed and then leave the room while baby is still awake. This encourages your child to go back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night and can’t see mum or dad. If you can hear your baby moving or stirring do not be too quick entering the room. Wait to see if they return to sleep. Always act in the same manner on all occasions. Go into the room at the same stage every night, consistency lets the baby understand that you are coming. Although remember that children are infamous for changing the rules. Once everything seems to be going to plan your infant will waken up five times the next night. Just adapt the routine to suit and keep changing it as the months and years go by. Teething and illness are just two of the issues that can affect a good night’s sleep. That’s without considering wind, bad dreams or just plain old ‘not tired’!

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